Kobold Level Meter and Valve


Within the scope of the automation of industrial processes, monitoring of filling levels is an important issue for liquids as well as for bulk solids. Float switches and level indicators from Kobold Messring GmbH work extremely reliably within a defined tolerance range. Level indicators and level sensors can be adapted to a wide range of liquids and environments, and can also be used in environments with heavily polluted fluids. The data of the level indicators can either be read directly on the display, or can be integrated into the various control and monitoring systems by means of a measuring transducer and a BUS interface. Thanks to the wide selection of different level measuring devices and level switches, monitoring and measurement of the most varied filling levels can be carried out reliably at any time.

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  • Kobold Manifold Valves for Multiple Installation : The flowmeters model USR for liquids operate on the variable area flowmeters principle, which means that the installation position is vertical and the direction of flow is from bottom to top. The instruments have been designed as simple and thus economical measuring systems.



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