Kofloc ND Vane Wheel Flow Sensor

Feature :

  • Ideal for measuring various liquids
  • Best-selling products with high quality at a low price
  • Excellent repeatability.
  • Suitable for batch control
  • A lineup of 3 different wetted materials

Liquid Flow Range :

  • 0.3~3L/min
  • 1.0-10L/min
  • 1.5~20L/min
  • 3.0~60L/min

Specification :

Accuracy: ±2%RS (Standard installation position)

Fluid Viscosity Range: 0.5~1.5mPa・s (Equivalent to water)

Working Pressure: 1MPa (Liquid temperature at 20℃)

Spec. of Output: 

  • NPN open collector pulse Voltage: 24V DC Current: 6mA DC
  • Duty ratio: 3: 7 < ON: OFF <7 : 3

Cable Lead-wire length: Approx. 600 mm 4 core AWG26 Flat cable

Installation Position: The CE mark on the nameplate shall be horizontal to the floor and facing upward. (Air intrusion shall be avoided.)

Flow Direction:  Arrow direction indicated on the product
Protection Level: Indoor use (Equivalent to IP X4)

Power Supply:

  • 3~24V DC
  • Sensor power supply (Red - Black) and pulse output (Blue/White-Black) shall be the same.

Consumption Current: 5 mA DC or less

Download Datasheet: Kofloc ND Vane Wheel Flow Sensor