KSK Kobold Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic

KSK Kobold Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic

KOBOLD plastic flowmeters and switches model KSK are based on the well known suspended float principle.

They are used for measuring and monitoring flows in closed pipes.

The media flows, from below, through a conical plastic measuring tube. This raises the float and the flow  rate can be read off against the scale. The instruments can be fitted with bistable switches.

Measuring range:
1.5 - 11 ... 100 - 1000 l/h water
0,15 - 0,45 ... 20 - 105 Nm3/h air
Connection: G ¼ ... G 1 male thread, glue-in connection DN10 ... DN25
Material: trogamide, polysulfone
pmax: PN10
tmax: 140°C
Accuracy: cl. 4 acc. to VDI
Options: contact, air scale

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Special Advantages

  • Shock resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • May be inserted/removed radially
  • Special scales available
  • Short installation length
  • Plastic float and fitting generally made of PVDF


Technical Details


Measuring tube:Trogamide T (KSK 1..) or polysulfone (KSK 2..), not transparent, but opaque translucent
Float stop:PVDF
O-rings:EPDM (KSK-1..; KSK-2..)
Max. operating pressure:PN 10
Max. operating temperature:

KSK 1... max. 60°C (0...60°C)

KSK 2... max. 100°C (0...100°C)

max. 60°C (with PVC screwed fitting) max. 85°C (with contact)

Accuracy class:4 (acc. to VDE / VDI 3513, sheet 2)

Connection (standard)

KSK 1... a. KSK 2...:PVC glue-in connection

Connection (optional)

KSK- ..080../..150../..200..:Brass or st. steel union nut with G½ female or male G½ female or male or G ¾ male
KSK- ..300../..500../..999..:PVC union nut with G ½; G ¾, G 1 internal thread or G1 female cast iron
KSK- ..015../..025../..050../ ..100..:PVC G ¼ female

Download Datasheet: KSK Kobold Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic

Reference : kobold.com