KSK Kobold Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic

KOBOLD plastic flowmeters and switches model KSK are based on the well-known suspended float principle. They are used for measuring and monitoring flows in closed pipes. The media flows, from below, through a conical plastic measuring tube. This raises the float and the flow rate can be read off against the scale. The instruments can be fitted with bi-stable switches.

Measuring range:
1.5 - 11 ... 100 - 1000 l/h water
0,15 - 0,45 ... 20 - 105 Nm3/h air
Connection: G ¼ ... G 1 male thread, glue-in connection DN10 ... DN25
Material: trogamide, polysulfone
pmax: PN10
Tmax: 140°C
Accuracy: cl. 4 acc. to VDI
Options: contact, air scale

Features :

Special Advantages :

  • Shock resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • May be inserted/removed radially
  • Special scales available
  • Short installation length
  • Plastic float and fitting are generally made of PVDF

Specifications :

Technical Details :

Materials :

Measuring tube:

Trogamide T (KSK 1..) or polysulfone (KSK 2..),
not transparent, but opaque translucent



Float stop:



EPDM (KSK-1..; KSK-2..)

Max. operating pressure:

PN 10

Max. operating temperature:

KSK 1... max. 60°C (0...60°C)

KSK 2... max. 100°C (0...100°C)

max. 60°C (with PVC screwed fitting) max. 85°C
(with contact)

Accuracy class:

4 (acc. to VDE / VDI 3513, sheet 2)

Connection (standard) :

KSK 1... a. KSK 2...:

PVC glue-in connection

Connection (optional) :

KSK- ..080../..150../..200..:

Brass or St. steel union nut with G½ female or male G½ female or male or G ¾ male

KSK- ..300../..500../..999..:

PVC union nut with G ½; G ¾, G 1 internal thread or G1 female cast iron

KSK- ..015../..025../..050../ ..100..:

PVC G ¼ female

Download Datasheet: KSK Kobold Variable Area Flowmeter-Plastic

Reference: kobold.com

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