Matsushima Position Encorder Transmitter

Positioning control
Ambient temperature -10˚C to +50˚C
Protection category IP55

The encoder transmitter has a high precision gear mechanism and a position transmitter built-in and is used for the degree of opening indication of valves, gates, dampers, etc. as well as for control of the rotation, travel, swiveling, elevating, and lowering positions. It can also accommodate a requirement for a backlash-less gear mechanism and a zero-point adjustment mechanism that allows for fine adjustment of reference position with the shaft being connected.

Matsushima Position Encoder Transmitter Alarm Output :

Every time a new input is sampled, the JRQ2 compares the measured signal to a preset threshold and provides a relay to the output which trips either when the input is above the set point or below the set point as predetermined.

The threshold and its deadband are programmable as a percentage of the input range:
-15 to +115% for the threshold and 0 to 20% for the headband. Once the relay is tripped, it is not reset until the signal goes in the opposite direction by the preset deadband from the threshold level.

For example with a High alarm, the relay turns on when it exceeds the setpoint, and turns off when it goes below the setpoint by the headband.

Reset Input :

When a reset input is turned on, the accumulated count in the internal counter goes back to zero. The JRQ2 compares the input to this internal count, therefore is affected by re-set operations. The reset input negative is connected to the input common.

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