Tokyo Keiki For Vibration Isolation Seismometer TA-25J

Servo Accelerometer TA-25J

The TA-25J is small, lightweight, and offers superior resolution and accuracy over a wide measurement frequency range. It can be used in a broad range of sensor applications including measurement of linear acceleration(vertical, lateral), angle of inclination, and vibration.

The TA-25J servo accelerometer employs a pendulum with a flex hinge pivot. Displacement of the pendulum beam is sensed and amplified by the servo amp. The force balance is employed and a torque acts to return the mass to the null position. Acceleration is determined by measuring the current required to constrain the mass.

Features :

  • A frictionless flexure hinge insures stability with no mechanical wear
  • Good linearity and resolution
  • Easy signal processing with high output voltage
  • Simple, robust, and reliable construction

Applications :

  • Seismic observation
  • Vibration and micro-vibration measurement
  • Vibration isolation