Tokyo Keiki Velocity Type Strong Motion Seismometer TSM-1

Velocity Type Strong Motion Seismometer TSM-1

The TSM-1 Velocity Type Strong-Motion Seismometer incorporates three built-in seismic sensors including two for horizontal direction and one for vertical direction. The TSM-1’s wide frequency and dynamic range capability can handle the full spectrum of seismic disturbances, from microtremors to large earthquakes. The Seismometer's highly sensitive, all-purpose enclosed triaxial design provides superior mobility, which makes it easy to set up at temporary observation stations.

Features :

  • Triaxial design simplifies installation
  • Force balance torquer arrangement requires no on-site adjustment
  • Capability to cope with long-period, large amplitude motion with room to spare
  • High output voltage simplifies data logging and signal processing
  • Simple construction, high reliability

Applications :

  • Strong earthquake and aftershock observation
  • Earthquake measurement, monitoring, alarm warnings
  • Monitoring of structural sway caused by long-period ground motion
  • Volcano observation