Tokyo Keiki Position and Attitude Sensor VSAS-2GM

Position and Attitude Sensor VSAS-2GM

The VSAS-2GM sensor, consisting of three vibratory gyroscopes, three accelerometers, a GPS receiver, a magnetic compass, and control electronics in a single package, outputs 3-axis acceleration, 3-axis angular rate, azimuth, pitch angle, roll angle, and self-position.

Dimensions: W65 x D45 x H30 mm
Weight: Less than 150 g

Features :

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Internal software-generated position and attitude angle data
  • Equipped with RS232C and CAN interface
  • Suitable for monitoring moving objects

Applications :

  • Motion measurement for cars and motorcycles
  • measurement of construction and agricultural machinery
  • Azimuth and attitude measurement of unmanned aircraft
  • Motion measurement and attitude control of robotics