Tokyo Keiki UFL-30 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Tokyo Keiki UFL-30 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  • 1. Outline :

1) Transit times of ultrasonic pulses transmitted in a liquid vary with the flow velocity of the liquid and ultrasonic flowmeters utilize this characteristic to measure flow.

2) Regardless of whether the liquid is electrically conductive or non-conductive, ultrasonic flowmeters can measure various types of liquids such as potable water, river water, industrial water, agricultural water, wastewater, seawater, and pure water.

3) Transducers are clamped onto the outside of the pipe so it is not necessary to cut pipes or stop the flow for installation and there is no pressure loss.

4) Flow measurements are possible over a wide range, -30m/s to +30m/s.

5) Economical measurements of flow from 25mm to 6000mm can be obtained.

6) Easy Operation through PC configuration software. Through the graphical user interface, it is very simple and useful for everyone to input all data.

Features :

1) Transit
High Accuracy : ±1.0% R.D. measurement

2) Wide Measuring Coverage
Pipe dia : DN25mm ~ DN6000mm
Velocity : -30m/s ~ +30m/s

3) Multi-Path System 4-Path System Capability

4) Variety Output
- 2 ports: RS232C digital output
- 4 ports: Contact output
- 2 ports: Analog output

5) Easy Configuration
The menu has driven 4, Graphical PC Configuration

Download Data Sheet: UFL-30 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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