Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  • 1. Outline

1) The time it takes to propagate ultrasonic pulses in a liquid varies according to flow velocity. This principle is utilized by ultrasonic flowmeters which provide signal output proportional to the flow rate. The UFP-20 portable flowmeter can measure flow by simply positioning the transducers on the outside of pipes.

2) The UFP-20 flowmeter supersedes our model UFP-10 or UFP-1000 and offers a more compact design with additional functions such as pipe thickness measurement and liquid ultrasonic velocity measurement. The UFP-20 is a high performance flowmeter which is simple to use.

The UFP-20 incorporates an onboard DSP which carries out such functions as flow calculation and data processing in metric or inch units. The UFP-20 can be applied to pipe diameters from 13 ~ 5000 mm and is ideal for use with liquids such as clean water and wastewater. Three power sources (Ni-MH battery, AC, DC supply) allow flexibility to match conditions of the site and optional equipment such as optional transducers, extension cable and temperature input for heatmeter function enhance the range of applications.


1) Multi-Flow Measurement Function
UFP-20 is able to easy configure for 2-Channel or 2-Path measurement.

2) Energy Meter Function
UFP-20 can measure energy flow rate with Pt-100 RTD option.

3) Receiving-Echo Monitor Function
UFP-20 can

4) Weather-proof structure IP65
IP65 rating maintained even during measurement.

5) USB Memory Data Transfer
Logged data and site conditions can be stored into internal memory.


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