Velocity Interface Pulsar Wall-mounted Velocity Measurement Controller

The Velocity Interface has been designed to provide a simple interface with the MicroFlow and Speedy Velocity Sensors.

Housed in an IP67/Nema 6 enclosure the product is ideally suited to applications where velocity monitoring, reporting or control is required.

Pulsar’s Speedy Interface is a digital to analogue converter that works with the latest Speedy velocity sensor in two important ways. It frees up the RS485 output from a FlowCERT controller in applications where digital communications are required, and allows users of Pulsar's older equipment to upgrade to the latest Speedy sensor. It also provides the option of alarms based on flow velocity.

The Velocity Interface controller is very easy to use and may be calibrated quickly and simply via the on-board keypad and display, or alternatively by using the optional handheld calibrator, which connects to the unit via the RS232 interface and provides an on-board LCD display.

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  • Allows Modbus or Profibus comms when using Speedy sensor
  • Gives backwards compatibility to previous Speedy units



Sensor body dimensions:130 x 150 x 63.5mm (5.12 x 5.9 x 2.5in)
Sensor body weight:Nominal 0.65kg (1.4lbs)
Enclosure material/description:Polycarbonate, flammability rating UL91-V0 (UV stabilised)
Cable entry detail:Underside fitted with 3x M20, nylon cable glands for 6-12mm cable
Transducer cable extensions:4-core screened
Maximum separation:Up to 100m (328ft)


Enclosure protection:IP66/67
Max. and min. temperature (electronics):-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +120°F)


CE approval:Listed in the Certificate of Conformity within the manual


Min. & max. range:6m/s to 6m/s. Dependent on sensor used


Analogue output:Isolated passive output (active output optional) of 4-20mA or 0-20mA into 1kΩ (user programmable and adjustable) 1% resolution
Serial port:RS232 for programming and data extraction
Volt free contacts, number & rating:2 form “C” (SPDT) rated at 2A at 240Vac
Display:2 x 12 alpha numeric


On-board programming (standard):By integral keypad
Remote programming (optional):Via RS232 using optional handheld calibrator
Programming security:Via passcode (user selectable and adjustable)
Programmed data integrity:Via non-volatile RAM


Power supply:115Vac +5% / -10% 50/60Hz, 230Vac +5% / -10% 50/60Hz, 10-24Vdc, 10W maximum power (typically 5W)
Fuses:50mA at 200-240Vac, 100mA at 90-120Vac
Remote communuicator power supply:Via RS232 interface

Download Datasheet: Velocity Interface Pulsar Wall-mounted Velocity Measurement Controller

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