Yongsung LED Multi Set Panel Meter


LED Multi Set Panel Meter

Digital multiset measurement is a meta-analysis of the electrical energy to overall arrangements and plants, and distribution automation applied to all panel instrument and monitoring functions. These items are used for network communication features and traditional analog measurement of a meta to the various power monitoring in an integrated way is a versatile measuring device.

Yongsung LED Multi Set Panel Meter



Variety of measurement Factor :

  • Three-Phase Alternating Current: Phase Voltage, Line Voltage, Alternating Phase Current, Power Factor, Frequency
  • Electric Power: Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent power.
  • Electric Energy: Active Power Value, Reactive Power Value, Inductive Electric Energy.

Minimum Measurement/Maximum Measurement Ranges

    • Voltage (Phase/line), Current (Each Phase/Total)
    • Active Electric Power (Each phase.total), Reactive Power (Each Phase/Total), Apparent Power (Each Phase/Total)
  • Load Factor Mean

Deman Value

  • Electric Power time (1-30 minutes, choice of the unit) is configurable

Pulse Output Remote control measurement

  • Digital input: 2 Points, Modbus communication sent to the upper system
  • Pulse output: 2 Points, Different output pulse energy

Communication Network Transmission

  • Modbus Communication Protocol support
  • Number of access is 31 devices
  • Measurement values from a remote PC monitor is available at the main set

Operation Input and Output

  • Easy to measure with simple operation
  • Possible to replace wiring part without losing out it
  • Can be fixed without screw because of the panel mounting attachment
Yongsung LED Multi Set Panel Meter Feature and setting

  1. LED Display for R,S,T
  2. Phase Display
  3. Kilo/Mega (KV,KA,KW/MV, MA, MW) display LED
  4. Up Button – Optional PartDown Button – Optional Part
  5. Total mean Load of a Display monitor
  6. H: MAX, Display LEDL: MIN, Display LEDM: Demand, Display LED
  7. Set Button
    • Press SET Button for 3 seconds, Program would be started
    • Move to the instantaneous value
    • Move to SAVE menu
  8. ESC Button:
    • Move to the instantaneous value
    • Move to SAVE menu


Communication interfaceGeneral TypeCommunication Interface
Auxiliary Power190 – 260 AC±10% 45- 65 Hz, 4VA
Connection Type3-phase / 4-wire
3-phase / 3-wire
Rate InputVoltage10 -300,0 VAC (L-N), 10-500,0 VAC (L-L)
Current0,05 A – 5,5 A
Power ConsumptionBelow 1,0 VA
Measurement RangeVoltage11V – 440.000 V
Current5A- 10.000 A
Frequency45- 64 Hz
Demand Time1-15 minutes(mean value between measured value)
Digital InputInput2 Digital Inputs 
Operating Voltage/currentDC12-48 V Max. DC30V 50mA
Pulse OutputOutput Ratio1,10,100 (Wh/ Varh/ VA) : 1,10,100 (kWh/kVarh/kVA :1(MWh/MVarh/MVA)
Pulse WidthNPN Transistor 80msec
Operating Voltage5-24VDC MAX. 30VDC: MAX 50 mA
Communication InterfaceProtokol-Modbus RTU
Port-RS-485 2 wire:1port
Communication interface speed- 2,400-38,400 bps
DisplayRed LED: 10 mm Height
Dimension96,0 X 96,0X 79,3 (WxHxD :mm)
Weight0,54 kg
Applied StandartIEC-60255

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