Eberle GmbH Electric measuring and control engineering

Eberle GmbH was founded in 1980 with the aim of development and production activities for other industrial companies. Due to the development of its own product range, the focus has been shifted completely since 1995 to the new business segments presented below. Since that time A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG has its own sales organization with an international focus, as well as an innovative range of products.

Our business segments are:

  • Voltage regulation of tap-changing transformers and transformer monitoring, as well as Wide area voltage control (WAVESys™)
  • Low voltage regulation in local grids (as a line controller) as well as OEM solutions for any sectors
  • Voltage and power quality measurements inclusive of fault recorder functionality as well as the evaluation of the power quality via a smartphone (WeSense™)
  • Regulation of Petersen-coils and earth fault detection in medium and high voltage networks
  • Monitoring of grid dynamics (grid stability)
  • Services (customer-specific engineering, commissioning, seminars, and training)

All products and services are pursuing the objective to ensure and improve the security and availability of power continuous supply. We are offering innovative and high-quality products to our customers.  Our customers are the large DSOs and TSOs, power utilities operating at all voltage levels as well as big and medium industrial enterprises operating in all commercial sectors, which have their own power supply.

We would like to offer innovative and high-quality products to our customers at any time. Our corporate mission represents entirely the soft characteristics of our company philosophy. It is a very important task of the management to avoid unnecessary complexity. 


One of the essential features of voltage regulators is the possibility to implement special functions via customer-specific programs without interfering with the firmware of the regulator. The programs can be created online using a simple editing tool. All necessary program elements, incl. help texts and sample program lines are included with every regulator.

  • Voltage Regulator REG-D™
  • Voltage Regulator REG-DA
  • Voltage regulator SR 192-D
  • etc, 


Low Voltage Regulation for network operators (EEG)

The low voltage regulation system LVRSys™ represents a cost effective alternative for grid expansion. The economic use is recommended in all low voltage grids where short-circuit power is sufficient, but have voltage maintenance problems.
  • LVRSys™ 3-phase metal cabinet
  • LVRSys™ 3-phase plastic cabinet
  • LVRSys™ 3-phase customised cabinet

Low Voltage Regulation for industrial grids (voltage stabilization)

The EN 50160 describes, among other things, the voltage band within which the voltage value must be in for distribution grids. The tolerance limits are +-10% according to the rated voltage Un (400 V). This corresponds to a permissible voltage band around Un of 80 V.

Machines, drives, and lightning devices operate most efficiently when the applied voltage is at the operation point. As a general rule, the optimum operating point is the rated voltage of the grid. If the voltage leaves this point, the efficiency and the service life of the equipment are reduced. Particularly lightning devices such as LEDs lose their operation life rapidly with increased voltage.
  • LVRSys™ 3-phase for industrial grids

Low Voltage Regulation for the integration of power generation plants into the high-voltage-grid 

The grid and the operating system rules of the transmission system operator, also called grid codes or transmission codes, are considered the mandatory requirements for generating plants on the high- and extra-high voltage grid. In Germany the regulation VDE-AR-N 4120 is used. When grid codes are applied, and they are applied globally, the system stability is at the forefront of the operating strategy for all grids.

The LVRSys™ mitigates overvoltages within 15-25ms and improves static voltage stability within the generating plant. The longitudinal regulator system helps to attain the requirements and hence obtain certificates according to VDE-AR-N 4120. The system can be used in 400 V as well as in 690 V grids. Because of the compact design, it can be easily integrated into customer-control cabinets.


Power Quality fix installed

The fault recorders and power quality analyzers PQI-DA smart, PQI-DE, PQI-DA, and PQI-D are the key devices for all measurement tasks in low-, medium- and high-voltage grid. Besides the possibility of standard evaluations, the analyzers also have a high-speed fault recorder capability with up to 40.96 kHz sampling rate and a half cycle r.m.s. registration, which allows detailed analysis of grid disturbances. 

In particular, the power quality analyzers are suitable for monitoring, registering, evaluating and recording special reference quantities or quality agreements between the supplier of energy and the end customer.
  • Power Quality-Interface and Disturbance Recorder PQI-DA smart
  • Power Quality Analyser and Fault Recorder PQI-DE
  • Power Quality Interface for Low, Medium and High Voltage Networks PQI-DA
  • etc, 

Power Quality mobile / Description :

Mobile Power Quality-Analyzers such as PQ-Box 50, PQ-Box 100, PQ-Box 150, PQ-Box 200, and PQ-Box 300 were developed for operation in harsh environments (protection degree IP65). Both are applicable for measurements in public (CAT IV) and industrial networks for voltages up to 1000V.  Analyzers are delivered with WinPQ Mobile, an intuitive, user-friendly software package for settings, records extraction, and visualization, second to none in its class.
  • Network Analyzer PQ-Box 50
  • Network Analyzer PQ-Box 50
  • Network Analyzer & Transient Recorder PQ-Box 200
  • etc,