VFT-510 Series Differential Pressure Transducer

VFT-510 Differential Pressure Transducer

VFT-512 Low Differential Pressure Transducer
VFT-513 High Differential Pressure Tranducer


  • Output : 4~20mA / 0~5V / 0~10V / RS-485 Modbus
  • ±0.25% F.S High accurate, pressure up to 100psi
  • Fine ZERO & SPAN adjustments and Zero setting
  • Measurement range selectable
  • Relative & Differential Pressure and wind velocity measurement
  • Auto. Temperature Compensation
  • Multi-function digital LCD display
  • Pa, mbar and mmH2O unit of measurement optional
  • Ceramic sensor, excellent durability
  • Converse piezoelectric protection
  • IP65, CE and RoHS approved


Space / Duct static pressure, Clean room, Hospital,Compression cooling systems, Air filter monitoring, Pumps, Fan control, Pneumatic controls, Duct airflow, Differential pressure monitoring, HVAC...etc.


Model No.VFT-512VFT-513
Measuring RangeDifferential Pressure±7000Pa/ ±700mmH2O / ±70mbar±99000Pa / 9900mmH2O / 1000mbar
Wind Speed0~100m/s (via Pitot tube)0~210m/s (via Pitot tube)
ResolutionDifferential Pressure1Pa / 0.1mmH2O / 0.01mbar10Pa / 1mmH2O / 0.1mbar
Wind Speed0.1m/s1m/s
Accuracy (at 25°C)±0.25% F.S, TEB<1% ※TEB : Total Error Band
Measurement UnitDifferential Pressure : Pa, mbar, mmH2O switchable
Wind Speed : m/s
Temperature : °C, °F switchable
Media CompatibilityDry air or non-corrosive gases and liquids
Display and FunctionsLCD display (4-digital), The functions can be displayed : Relative pressure, Differential Pressure, Wind Speed, Temp., Max., Min, Averages, Measurement Unit
Sampling RateApprox. 0.5 sec.
Output Signal*Analog Output : 4 ~ 20mA / 0 ~ 5V or 0 ~ 10Vdc
※The initial setting range is ±7000 Pa, 4~20mA and 0~5Vdc
※Output of wind speed is 0~100m/s, the minimum reading is 1.2m/s
Digital Output : RS-485 / Modbus RTU protocol (Wind Pressure,Temp. simultaneously)
Auto temp. compensation0 ~ +60°C (+32°F ~ +140°F)
Measurement range settingThe user can set the measuring range by setting button
※The Initial is ±7000 Pa for the type VFT-512 / ±99000 Pa for the type VFT-513
※The wind speed can’t set the measurement range
CalibrationZero & Span adjustments and Zero setting
Baud Rate9600
Over PressureAbout 100PSI
Operating Environment0 ~ +55°C (+32 ~ +131°F), 0~95%RH non-condensing
Storage Environment-20 ~ +60°C (-4 ~ +140°F), 0~95%RH non-condensing
Power SupplyDC 12~32V, ≧150mA (Max. DC36V)
Dimensions10(L) × 80(W) × 48(D)mm (4.33 × 3.15 × 1.89 inches) ; Not including the pressure hose connector & cable gland
WeightApprox. 215g
ApprovalsRoHS, CE, IP65

Download Datasheet: VFT-510- Differential Pressure Transduser

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