A2FM series 6x Rexroth Hydraulic Axial Piston Fixed Motor

Axial piston fixed motor A2FM for explosive areas II 2G ck IIB Tx


  • Fixed motor with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent-axis design, for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits.
  • For use in mobile and stationary applications
  • The output speed depends on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor
  • The output torque increases with the pressure differential between the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side.
  • Finely graduated sizes permit far-reaching adaptation to the drive concerned
  • High power density
  • Small dimensions
  • High total efficiency
  • Good starting efficiency
  • Economical design
  • One-piece tapered piston with piston rings for sealing
  • Series 61
  • Sizes 10 to 180
  • Nominal pressure 400 bar
  • Maximum pressure 450 bar
  • Open and closed circuits

Details on explosion protection

  • Field of application according to ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • Gas: II 2G ck IIB Tx in accordance with DIN EN 13463‑1:2009, DIN EN 13463-5:2011

Technical Data

SizeNG 1012162328324556638090107125160180
Displacement geometric, per revolutionVgcm310.3121622.928.13245.656.16380.490106.7125160.4180
Speed Maximum1)Temperature class T3nmaxrpm800080008000630063006300560056005000450045004000400036003600
Temperature class T4nmaxrpm400040004000315031503150280025002500225022502000200018001800
Inlet flow2)qv maxl/min8296128144177202255281315362405427500577648
Torque3)at ΔP = 350 barTNm5767891281571782543133514485015946968931003
at ΔP = 400 barTNm667610214617920429035740151257367979610211146
Rotary stiffnesscminkNm/rad0.921.251.592.562.933.124.185.946.258.739.1411.211.917.418.2
Moment of inertia for rotary groupJTWkgm20.00040.00040.00040.00120.00120.00120.00240.00420.00420.00720.00720.01160.01160.02200.0220
Maximum angular accelerationαrad/s25000500050006500650065001460075007500600060004500450035003500
Case volumeVl0.
Weight approx.mkg5.

Download Datasheet: A2Fm Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Motor

Reference: inaparts.com

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