Technoton Fuel Monitoring

Technoton telematics solutions allow machinery owners and operators to dramatically improve the efficiency of operation and decrease costs.

Our expertise:

  • Fuel consumption monitoring of diesel engines
  • Monitoring of stationary and movable/mobile fuel tanks
  • Contactless reading, analysis, and conversion of data from CAN j1939 and j1708 buses
  • Data integration of standard CAN j1939 and j1708 buses into telematics and GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems
  • Integration of standard analog sensors into telematics systems
  • Monitoring of 3800+ technological parameters 24/7 in real-time

Technoton products are designed using technologies employing edge/fog computing methods, which ensure accurate parameter measurement, scalability of a telematics system, reliable operation, and guaranteed compatibility of the equipment.
Technoton has 19 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and installing aftermarket vehicle electronics for fuel monitoring and operating parameter analysis of highway trucks, light commercial vehicles, diesel trains, construction and agricultural equipment, riverboats, tractors, and special equipment. Also, the solutions are applicable for stationary units – fuel storages, boilers, burners, and diesel generators.

Technoton's quality management system is certified according to the international DIN EN ISO 9001-2015 and the national STB ISO9001:2015 standards.

Technoton Product

  • DUT-E Fuel Flow Sensor

    • DUT-E Fuel level sensor
    • DUT-E GSM Fuel level sensor with in-built GPS and GSM
    • DUT_E 2Bio Differential fuel level sensor
    • DUT-E S7 Wireless fuel level sensor
  • DFM Fuel, liquid Flowmeters

    • DFM Fuel flow meter
    • DFM D Differential flow meter
    • DFM Marine flow meter for heavy machinery
    • DFM Industrial flow meter
  • Crocodile Contactless Readers

    • Contactless CAN j1939 bus reader
    • Contactless J1708 (SAE J1587) bus reader
    • Contactless injector pulse reader
    • Contactless compact CAN j1939 reader
    • Contactless FMS gateway
  • GNOM Axle Load Sensors

    • GNOM DP Axle load sensor
    • GNOM DDE Axle load sensor
    • GNOM DP S7 Wireless axle load sensor for leaf spring suspension
    • GNOM DDE S7 Wireless axle load sensor for air suspension
  • MasterCAN CAN bus tools

    • MasterCAN Display 35 CAN j1939 Display
    • master data converters
    • MasterCAN DAC15 J1939 i/o module
    • MasterCAN CAN bus (SAE J1939) simulator-analyzer

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