Differential Pressure Switch D02 Delta Mobrey

Based on the success of the “Industrial” range of process control instrumentation, Delta Mobrey has developed the “Sentry” range of Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Switches.

Designed for general purpose use in OEM equipment and industrial power applications alike, Sentry combines economy, quality and performance. With a better than 1% set-point repeat ability and a market leading 5 year warranty, Sentry offers real value.

Users also benefit from a unique hinged lid and single captive screw which provides quick and easy access to terminals and set-point adjustment. The inclusion of a safety vent also protects users by preventing the enclosure becoming pressurised in the event that the sensor is inadvertently damaged by excessive pressure.

The Sentry Series offers exceptional performance and high build quality in a simple, safe and cost-effective package.

  • Performance is assured by repackaging Delta’s well proven sensor technologies in a new, simple, one-piece
  • Safety is maintained by a vent that prevents the enclosure becoming pressurized in the event of a sensor
    being damaged.
  • Cost is minimised through the selection of common standard options although, as with all Delta products, a
    variety of optional extras are available to tailor the product to specific needs.


  • SPDT & DPDT Switch Outputs
  • Aluminium Epoxy Coated Flameproof Enclosure IP66/NEMA4X
  • ATEX / IECEx Flameproof & Intrinsically Safe
  • 316 Stainless Steel Wetted Parts as Standard
  • Field Adjustable Set-points Against a Reference Scale
  • Pressure Ranges up to 10bar (160psi)
  • Maximum Working Pressure up to 250bar (3500psi)
  • Safety Vented Design as Standard
  • Suitable for use SIL 2 safety related systems


The Differential Pressure is suitable for a wide range of applications in:

  • Process plants
  • OEM equipment

The choice of models available ensures that the Sentry Series is suitable for use in:

  • General purpose
  • Zone 0 & 20 Hazardous Areas
  • Zone 1 & 21 Hazardous Areas
  • SIL 2 safety related systems


  • For applications between -12.5mbar to 12.5mbar (-5.0 to 5.0 in H20), maximum working pressure 1 bar (14.5 psi).
  • Robust weatherproof, epoxy coated, aluminium housing approved to IP66 and NEMA 4X
  • SPDT and DPDT switch contacts with environmentally and hermetically sealed options
  • Stainless steel wetted parts as standard
  • Better than 1% set-point repeatability
  • Market leading 5 year warranty
  • Pressure ranges from 0.4 to 700 bar (4 to 1500 psi)
  • Pmax up to 1000 bar depending on range

Download Data Sheet: D02 differential pressure switch

Ref: Deltamobrey.com

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