Ebara FSPA & CNPA Centrifugal Fire Pump


  • Non Overload design to ensure stable performance for all applications
  • Corrosion-resistant materials used on the rotating parts
  • Hydraulically balanced impeller extends bearing life and assures smoother operation
  • Fully compliance with NFPA-20 and listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Ebara Centrifugal Fire Pump is designed for Fire fighting applications that comply with NFPA 20. Ebara centrifugal fire pump has 2 model option pumps.

(End Suction Pumps*)

  1. Easy removal and maintenance, BPO (Back Pull Out) system allows all rotating elements to be removed without disconnecting suction and discharge pipe work.
  2. Top centreline discharge, foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads.
  3. Flow rate capacity 250 up to 750 USGPM.
  4. Working pressure up to 250 psi with 250 lb. ANSI Flanges.

*)UL File Number “EX15585”

Horizontal Split Case Pumps**)

  1. Very compact design for ease of installation and permits minimum maintenance.
  2. Axially split casing allows the easy removal of the top casing for inspection and service.
  3. Available in a horizontal or vertical configuration.
  4. Available in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation to simplify pump room layout.
  5. The flow rate capacity is 500 up to 1250 USGPM.
  6. Working pressure up to 250 psi with 250lb. ANSI Flanges.



Liquid handled propertyClean water, 0 – 800 ºC(32 to 176ºF)
Max. Working Pressure250 psi
Approx. speed2900 rpm
Shaft sealGland Packing
FlushingSelf Flushing
BearingShield Ball Bearing
FlangeSuctionANSI 250
DischargeANSI 250

Ductile Cast Iron (FCD450) for FSPA model
Cast Iron (FC250) for CNPA model

ImpellerBronze casting (CAC406)
ShaftStainless Steel (SUS316)
Shaft SleeveBronze Casting (CAC406)
Gland PackingTeflon (PTFE) Impregnated



Pressure Gauge0 – 220 psi
Compound Gauge‐30 in Hg– 60 psi
Air Relieve Valvestandard

Reference: ebaraindonesia.com

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