Eckardt - Lubricating, Cleaning, and Preserving

Founded in 1992 Eckardt Systems manufactures lubrication systems as well as cleaning and preservation systems for industrial production. Today, the second generation of this family-run company employs some 30 people.

Lubrication systems form the main focus of our range of products. The spectrum includes roller lubricators, squeeze-on lubricators, and spray systems. Different versions are available of each respective system for different widths of materials. Eckardt also produces oil mist separators including complete systems to customer-specific specifications as well as customized systems, for example for hydroforming (IHU). In addition, our company offers numerous spray and spit nozzles as well as dosing systems for the lubrication segment. We also supply lubricants and oils under our own brand name ROTOL.

Furthermore, Eckardt also serves the process fields preserving and cleaning. To this end our company offers corrosion protection systems, which are used primarily in the hot forming process as well as to prepare parts and assemblies for transport. The dry cleaning systems for sheet metal and blanks offer an economical, low maintenance alternative to the wet cleaning systems often in use.

A. Spray lubrication :

Based on a new modular construction concept for basic frame, spray chamber, oil supply an other key components, our EQS spray lubricators require shorter production and delivery times and offer maximum flexibility for the realization of individual customer requirements in the forming process.

B. Roller applied lubrication :

This method is extremely economical and requires very little maintenance. Roller lubricators are the most widely used systems in the forming and moulding branch of industry; they are particularly suitable for lubricating coils of steel.

    • Felt roller lubricators :

Our felt roller lubricators are particularly easy to operate and are distinguished by particularly low levels of wear. In addition, the rollers can be changed quickly without any tools. We offer a variety of models with roller sizes between 32-110 mm.

    • Section roller lubricator :

    • Squeeze-on lubricators :

Squeeze-on lubricators are the right choice when you wish to apply particularly thin films of lubricants. Our systems are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications processing metal sheets, coils and blanks.

C. Brush cleaning systems :

Many years of experience with the working processes and requirements of our customers led us to develop an alternative cleaning system. The term alternative is appropriate, because in contrast to using conventional washing machines we have taken a completely different path. Whereas they work with wash emulsions everything remains dry on our cleaning system equipped with a linear brush unit – but it is just as thorough!

D. Spray and spit nozzles :

No matter if thin films are to be applied evenly or the smallest lubrication points need to be met with precision – we have the right spray nozzle for you. We have the right solution for all of your application tasks: from a spare part through to an individual standalone configuration to meet your requirements.

E. Corrosion protection systems :

The risk of corrosion is omnipresent during production, transport and storage as well as in many other situations. With our special systems you can now effectively protect your components.    We develop different varieties of corrosion protection systems – we always have a solution that satisfies your individual requirements perfectly in this sensitive area.

F. Dosing systems :

Our supply and dosing systems are designed to harmonize perfectly with all Eckardt lubricators. These range from small integrated dosing devices through to standalone oil supply solutions with filter units and tank heaters.

G. Oil mist separator :

The extremely sturdy filter system EONA 3000 is designed for horizontal extraction. We offer this product suitably sized for all working environments. 
The extraction capacity of the EONA 3000 is 3000 m3/h. The separated oil is collected or is allowed to drain. An electrostatic extraction filter is available as an optional extra. Moreover, the system is also capable of recirculating the extracted air so the air can remain in the room – that is also an important quality feature of our oil filter system.