FIL-TREK Filtration

Filter housings, replacement filters, strainers, custom filtration equipment.

Fil-Trek specializes in the design, manufacture, and service of industrial filtration for the global marketplace. Our line of products includes Founded in 1997 by company President, Lou Faustini, Fil-Trek Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial filtration equipment for customers around the globe. Our mission is to become the industry’s most reliable and competitive supplier with a complete line of products at the cutting edge of filtration to satisfy customers’ growing needs.

fil-trek filtration

Our commitment to customer satisfaction begins with our ability to design, manufacture and deliver industrial filter products suited to their unique needs and specifications. As one of very few filtration manufacturers with the ability to provide our customers with complete solutions, we thrive on supplying them equipment, replacement medi and all spare parts related to anything filtration.

At Fil-Trek, our customers are treated like family. Our first customer joined us in 1996 and we are proud to say they are still a Fil-Trek customer today!

1. Depth Bond

2. BPS Series

3. BF Series Multi-Bag HOusing 

4. MTec-P Series

5. MTec-E Series

6. Purifier 430 Series

7. PF430 Series

8. Eco-Mesh Series

9. Wedge Wire Series

10. Poroshield Series

11. GRP Series

12. FMA Series

13. Alaris Gold Series

14. Alaris Silver Series

15. MTec-WB Series

16. MTec-B Series

17. Aqua-Tec Series

18. Tef-Pure Series

19. Klares Silver Series

20. Varen Series

21. Stratis Gold Series

22. Stratis Silver Series

23. Klares Gold series

24. CGP Carbon Block Filters

25. CMB Series

26. High Flow Series

27. TG Series

28. Aquasorb Series

29. HCS Series

30. HCG Series

31. HC Series

32. FG Series

33. RSC Series

34. Dynapleat Series

35. RCC Series

36. Fiberloc P Series

37. Fiberloc HT Series

38. DynadEp Series

39. FiberLoc Series

40. WGF Series

41. CC Series

42. 700 Series

43. Mera Felt Series

44. PEPT Series Bag Filter

45. PEPTDP Series

46. Mera Pleat Gold Series

47. Mera Pleat Silver

48. ESP Series

49. BOS Series

50. XPOMF Series

51. POMF Filter Bags 

52. 500 Series

53. Spring and Cap Assemblies

54. V-Posts/Filter Tube Guides

55. Air Eliminators

56. Pressure Gauges

57. Valves

58. Swing Bolt Assemblies

59. Omega Spring 

60. Bag Retainers

61. Filter Baskets

62. HFS Series

63. UFS Series

64. VF Series-Multi Round

65. VF Series-Single Round

66. BMB Series

67. LP Series

68. TL Series

69. HSL Series

70. BF17-2000-S4

71. BF8-1000-S4

72. BF7-800-S4

73. PF400

74. BFD-200-S4

75. BF1-100-S4

76. VC Series

77. 700V Series

78. 700H Series

79. LM Series

80. M Series