Hubbell Quality Electrical Products

Hubbell Incorporated began its journey in the late 1800s when its founder, Harvey Hubbell, developed tooling and equipment to serve the growing demand for new assembly and manufacturing machinery during the industrial revolution. The commercial availability of electric power and the advent of the light bulb created additional opportunities for Hubbell. With early patents for the “pull chain lamp socket” and “separable plug and receptacle,” Hubbell stepped into an era of creativity, inventing new ways to serve its growing customer base of businesses, manufacturers, utilities, and homeowners.

Our products are as below :

  1. ADSS Hardware
  2. Anchoring
  3. Audio / Video
  4. Cable
  5. Cable Slack Storage
  6. Connectors
  7. Drop Line Hardware
  8. Emergency Communications
  9. Etc

Industrial Solutions: Conveyor Components

Electric motors power critical parts of the economy, including conveyors. More than ever, consumers are purchasing products online and having them shipped directly to their homes. Customers value online shopping because it reduces shopping time increases productivity and inherently provides social distancing, and intelligence by allowing them to easily compare products. Demand for more conveyors is at a premium to meet shipping requirements for this growing market. The products showcased in Hubbell's conveyor solutions guide also provide these key features—Productivity, Social Distancing, and Information—. The various options help ensure that Hubbell has the conveyor solution for you no matter the application or customer preference.