Godiva Fire Pumps

General Description

Godiva Limited is the world's leading provider of specialist equipment for the emergency services market. With extensive manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe and representative offices and distributors throughout the world, Godiva produces truck-mounted and portable fire pumps and the Class 1 range of electronic instrumentation.

Godiva Fire Pumps started life in the late 1930s as a division of Coventry Climax Engines Ltd., a manufacturer of internal combustion engines which they supplied to a number of motor companies, including Lotus racing cars, located in and around Coventry.

Why Godiva

  • World leader in fire pump design and manufacture
  • Considered the industry standard product in the UK
  • Largest Global Sales Team in the industry. Dedicated factory resources in the following regions: North American, South America, Europe, Africa & Middle East, and Asia Pacific.
  • Provide customer product demonstrations and hands-on training at your location.
  • Experienced and factory-trained personnel worldwide.
  • Dedicated customer service representatives and committed factory resources.
  • Highly trained technical support group.


Vehicle Mounted Pumps

  • Prima
  • GV
  • KP

Portable Pumps

  • Godiva Pump
  • Hale Pump

Foam & CAFs

  • Foam
  • CAF

Trailer & Skid Mounted Pumps
Pump Kits & Modules

Reference: godiva.co.uk

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