T&R designs and manufactures high voltage and heavy current electrical test equipment. The company operates from its site based in Guildford but products are sold to all areas of the world.T&R provides a customer-focused and professional solution based on the following precepts, Extensive product and market knowledge, Innovative design concepts, Reliable supply chain, Value for money and cost control,

T&R Test Equipment design and manufacture high-quality test equipment for the power industry.  equipment is used worldwide in transmission and distribution, power equipment manufacture, maintenance, and commissioning.

T&R designed the units to perform and built them to last, the equipment will make life easier by being uncomplicated to use and versatile in application. The market demands that testing time is cut to a minimum so we have eliminated costly setup times by putting the engineer in control of the equipment. The manually driven controls allow true flexibility with power at your fingertips, can be confident in choosing from T&R Test Equipment’s range of equipment.


High Voltage AC Test Systems


High voltage AC test systems cover from 5kVac to 100kVac. All units have a variable trip range setting and key lock operation to prevent unauthorized use. Applications include testing of insulation systems and measurement of the breakdown voltage of electrical plants and components.

  • KV100-100 MK2 Test System
  • KV50-100 MK2 Test System
  • KV50-200 MK2 Test System
  • KV30-100 MK2 Test System
  • KV50-20D Test System
  • KV30-40D MK3 Test System
  • KV15-80D AC Test System
  • KV10-120 MK2 Test System
  • KV5-100 MK3 Test System
  • VC24-24 Vacuum Test System

High Voltage DC Test Systems


High voltage DC test systems from ±18kVdc to ±30kVdc units all have automatic earthing for discharging capacitive loads. They are designed to perform tests on installed cables and jointing systems

  • 18kV 10mA DC Tester PT18-10 MK2
  • 15kV 10mA DC Tester PT15-10S
  • 30kV 10mA DC Tester PT30-10 MK2

Primary Current Injection Test Seats


Primary current injection test sets cover from 750A through to 6000A. Available in a single phase, testing applications include testing and timing of under and over current relays, circuit breakers, and CT ratio testing

  • PCU1-SP MK2 Primary  Current Injection Test Set
  • CU-Ps Primary Current Injection Test Set
  • PCU1-SP NLU5000
  • PCU1-SP NLU2000
  • PCU1-SP NLU200
  • 750ADM-H MK3 Primary Current Injection Test Set

Relay Test System


The current injection units and relay test systems are designed for testing voltage relays, frequency relays, G59 scheme relays, df/dt (ROCOF type), vector surge relays, and AVR types. These can also be used in conjunction with our suit sets to allow testing of directional relays, power and reverse power relays, and distance protection. ems

ART3V Relay Test System

Secondary Current Injection Test Sets


Units cover applications up to 200A and include single-phase and three-phase units with applications for testing and timing of IDMT relays, thermal overloads, MCB, and auto-reclosers.

  • 200ADM-P Secondary Current Injection Test Set
  • 100ADM MK5 Secondary Current Injection Test Set
  • 200A-3PH MK3 Secondary Current Injection
  • 100A/E MK3 Secondary Current Injection Test Set
  • 50A-3PH MK2 Secondary Current Injection
  • 100ADM-F Filter Unit
Reference: https://www.trtest.com/

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