Hiwin Ball Screw

Shanghai Silver Technology precisely controls the control process, whether it is a grinding ball screw or a conversion ball screw, they all strictly abide by the precise tooth design. The rigorous heat treatment process to ensure the hardness and wear resistance of the ball screw of Shangyin Technology is required to achieve a high load and long life.

There are many advantages of Shangyin technology ball screws, such as high efficiency, reversibility, zero backlash, high rigidity, high lead accuracy, and many others advantages. Compared with traditional ACME screws (ACME), Shangyin technology ball screws Add steel balls between the screw and nut. The sliding friction transmission of the traditional screw is replaced by the rolling movement of the steel ball. To greatly reduce friction loss, help maintain high efficiency and high precision.

Super S ball screw

HIWIN Ballscrew Super S Series

  • Low noise (down 5 ~ 7dB compared with general products)
    The patented design of the recirculation unit can absorb the noise generated by the impact of the steel ball and greatly reduce the noise value.
  • Space-saving and lightweight design
    The outer diameter of the nut is reduced by 18% ~ 32% compared with the general type.
  • Dm-N up to 220,000
    The patented design of the reflow unit enhances the strength of the reflow structure, and its Dm-N value can be up to 220,000.
  • High acceleration and deceleration
    The unique path and strength design of the reflow unit reduces the impact value of the moving steel ball, so it can withstand an operating environment with instant high acceleration and deceleration of 2g.
  • Accuracy
    The precision grade is based on JIS C0 ~ C7, and the conversion grade is based on C6 ~ C10.

Super T ball screw

  • Low noise (down 3 ~ 5dB compared with general products)
    • The optimized return path design can absorb the noise generated by the steel ball impact and reduce the noise value.
  • Good sound quality
    • The Super T cycle element can not only reduce the sound pressure value, but also the middle and high frequencies are significantly lower than the traditional cycle, so that it does not have sharp and harsh friction sounds, and presents better sound quality.
  • Low vibration and smooth operation
    • The tangent design greatly reduces the impact force of the ball and the resistance of the ball, which makes the nut body vibration gentle and rotation smooth and stable.
Reference: hiwin.us

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