RMF-10KP2 (K)│Through Beam Riko Photo Sensor


RMF-10KP2 (K) Through Beam Riko Photo Sensor designed with a thread tubular photo sensor that has range distancing until 10m.


  • Standard M18 cylindrical metal tube.
  • Threaded length = 35 mm.
  • ABS barrel applied to factory environments.

Specification and model

 Sensing type Diffuse reflectionThrough-beam
 Sensing Distance 30 cm10m
 Emitting lightInfrared LED 875 nmInfrared LED 850 nm
 Operating voltage DC12 ~ 24 V
 Current consumption 30 mA Max. 45 mA Max.
 Load current 100mA Max. at DC24V
 Output typeNPN L.on/D.on PNP D.on/L.on
 Response time 1.5 ms Max.
 Insulation resistance20MΩ min. (DC500V)
 Voltage withstandabilityAC1000V 60Hz for 60 Sec.
 Operating temperature-25℃ ~ + 60℃
 Ambient humidity35% ~ 85%  RH
 Protection degreeIP66
Wiring methodpre-wired Ø4.2 x 2 M / 4-wires M12  pigtailed type(Reciever)  Ø5.2 x 2M/ 4 wires
Ø5.2 x 2M/3 wires
M12  pigtailed type
OptionBracket: MF-01
WeightApprox. 80 gApprox. 40 gApprox. 160 gApprox. 60 g

the specification can be changed, please consult before you order

Reference: inaparts.com 

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