KATKO - The Load Break Company

Katko is a Finnish family business specialising in safety switches, load break switches and fused switches with more than 70 years of experience. Not all safety and load break switches on the market come from specialized manufacturers by any means, and that is precisely why we are so proud of ours. We design and manufacture every product ourselves in our own factories. The challenging Finnish climate creates a basis for developing switches that work in all conditions across the globe. Switches without compromises. This is what we at Katko think, as did the generations before us.


We manufacture all of our safety switches, load break switches, fused switches and terminal blocks in our own production plants in Finland and Poland. A high level of automation is part of Katko’s DNA that ensures a consistent quality level in our products. Katko’s flexible and adaptive production.  philosophy even facilitates the manufacture of smaller batches in a competitive manner. Furthermore, we can provide our customers with more tailored products, and we are ready to do so. This is where Katko’s motivated and professional staff come in. We employ approximately 120 people, two thirds of whom are in Finland

Our products as below :

  1. Enclosed Isolators
  2. Load Break Switches
  3. Switch Fuses
  4. Photovoltaic Switches
  5. UL Listed
  6. Connectors
  7. Accessories

Ref : www.katko.com