Kemet Capacitor

With over 100 years of technological innovation, we help make a wide variety of products possible in the world's most rapidly expanding industries. Our components are found in spacecrafts and defibrillators - from outer space to inside our bodies, and in products we use every day. We have the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry, including an expanding range of electromechanical devices and electromagnetic compatibility solutions.


Holding more than 1,600 patents and trademarks worldwide, we have established a leading position for our products via our advanced R&D, technical staff and design-in capabilities. We are dedicated to research and materials science with innovation centers around the globe. Our quality objective is zero defects. We provide unparalleled customer service, with 100% on-time delivery and ship over 50 billion components per year to 180,000 customers around the world. We are easy to design in and easy to buy from. With global manufacturing facilities, international sales offices, and a broad distribution network, we are close to you and where you are.


Sustainability is a large part of our culture and we conduct business in a sustainable way, demonstrating our commitment towards the environment, our employees, and the communities where we operate. We are a trusted provider for the transportation, medical, defense, aerospace, industrial, communications, and consumer product industries. All around the world, in all types of products, we are built into tomorrow.

Our products as below :

  1. Capacitor
  2. Inductor
  3. Sensor
  4. Relay
  5. Varistor
  6. Transformers

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