Kemppi Welding Equipment and Software

Excellence is about people. It starts with the individual. It is the welder who realizes the most peculiar plans into amazing constructions around us. It is the welding production manager who knows every detail no matter where the production site, welding fleet, or welded product. It is knowledge that enables us to achieve our goals – to be excellent over and over again.

Kemppi is devoted to know. We equip you with the best tools to impact your customer’s business across life. This character has driven the Kemppi family for over 70 years. With us, you benefit from the smartest welding solutions and achieve welding excellence wherever you are and whenever you want. In industrial welding, you get the highest return on investment with advanced operational automation and total welding management software. In arc welding, our smart machines have become the global standard in multiple environments. Whether you want a proven technology or an affordable welding start-up, there is a solution. Together, we tailor and optimize a solution for your market needs. For us, business too is about people. We dare say that working with us is a true win-win after partnering with our customers for more than 30 years. You can win in welding results, documentation and learning time, material use, and manpower. Together, we always find new value to share just by knowing better.

Our products as below :

  1. Manual Welding
  2. Automated Welding
  3. Welding Torch
  4. Software

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