Kerotest High Quality Valves

No, we didn’t make them. But these words do accurately describe the super heavy, hard-to-transport valves manufactured primarily for use in oil fields worldwide at the beginning of the twentieth century. Taken from the book, Men and Women of Wartime Pittsburgh, a historical perspective saluting the people and facilities that made the then great industrial center a vital manufacturing center as well, the book also creates the backdrop for the coming of age of a young, vibrant company called:

Reinforced Brazing & Machine Company

That was our first name, given to us at birth in 1909 to reflect our primary business; the brazing and welding of broken castings, plus general machine work. Our headquarters and plant were on Pittsburgh’s Liberty Avenue where our company’s progressive personality was first nurtured. Here, at our original manufacturing plant, the first commercial oxygen-acetylene welding work was performed west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Our products are as below:

  1. Gate Valve
  2. T Strainer
  3. Globe Valves
  4. Ball Valves
  5. Water Style Ball Valves
  6. Manifold Valves
  7. Block and Bleed Valves
  8. Needle Valves
  9. Gauge Valves
  10. General Purpose Valves

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