Sage Gas Flow Sensor

Application Guide for Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Sage has developed a complete line of thermal mass flow meters and all models have the following unique award-winning features. Select a flow meter below to view more detailed information about applications, certifications and specifications.

Sage Metering manufactures precision thermal mass flow meters that measure gas mass flow and excel in applications including non-custody transfer natural gas, flare gas, energy management, combustion control, biogas, and air flow. 

Sage Gas Flow Sensor

Natural Gas

While the AGA has not approved thermal mass flow meters to measure natural gas in custody transfer, the flow meters excel in measuring the natural gas flow rate in applications of combustion control, greenhouse gas reporting, submetering, and real-time gas measurement in pipelines. 

Sage Gas Flow SensorFlare Gas

We use gas flares as a safety device to burn off the excess or unintentionally released gases.  Flares are found in natural gas production and distribution, oil refineries, wastewater treatment, and the steel industry. In these applications, thermal mass flow meters are ideal for measuring the gas flow.

Sage Gas Flow SensorEnergy Management

As industries adopt energy management systems, the need for accurate gas flow measurement to establish baseline usage and continuously monitor to improve the process is created. There are applications within these systems where thermal mass flow meters excel, including natural gas consumption, combustion control, and compressed air monitoring.

Sage Gas Flow SensorCombustion

Combustion is the process of burning fuel in the presence of oxygen, and its efficiency depends on the air-to-fuel ratio. By measuring the air flow and natural gas flow to a combustion device, we can create optimum operating conditions to achieve complete combustion.

Sage Gas Flow SensorBiogas

Thermal mass flow meters provide an accurate and reliable measurement of biogas and offer distinct advantages over alternative flow meters. This meter type satisfies gas measurement at wastewater treatment plants, in waste-to-energy projects, and at landfills. In any of these biogas applications consider the moisture content of the biogas.

Sage Gas Flow SensorAir

Air is a mixture of gases and used in industrial and commercial applications. There are costs associated with providing and treating air for these processes. Industrial applications using air, such as combustion air, compressed air, spray drying and aeration air, achieve higher efficiencies when measuring and controlling air flow using thermal mass flow meters.





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