The AMP8041 Distributed Servo Drive BECKHOFF

 AMP8041-Dx1z | Distributed servo drive 2.40…2.50 Nm (M0), F4 (87 mm)

The AMP8041 permanent magnet-excited three-phase synchronous motor with integrated servo drive can be equipped with either multi-turn or single-turn encoders. With One Cable Automation, the EtherCAT P single cable solution, it features a simple, convenient and fail-safe connection to the AMP8600 distributed power supply module or the AMP8800 decentralized distribution module.

Servo Drive BECKHOFF 
Servo Drive BECKHOFF

The three-phase synchronous motor with flange code F4 (87 mm) and motor length 1 has a shaft diameter b = 19 k6 and a free shaft end of d = 40 mm.

Drive-integrated safety functions
The AMP8000 distributed servo drive includes TwinSAFE as standard for the realization of the drive-integrated safety functions STO/SS1 according to IEC 61800-5-2. It is optionally available with the following TwinSAFE Safe Motion safety functions:

  • Safe stop functions (STO, SOS, SS1, SS2)
  • Safe speed functions (SLS, SSM, SSR, SMS)
  • Safe position functions (SLP, SCA, SLI)
  • Safe acceleration functions (SAR, SMA)
  • Safe direction functions (SDIp, SDIn)
  • Safe braking functions (SBC, SBT)

The TC3 Drive Manager 2 serves as commissioning tool. Thanks to the structured design and the wide range of functions, commissioning of the axis is simple and intuitive.

Technical Data

Data for 400 V ACAMP8041-Dx1z
Motor typepermanent magnet-excited three-phase synchronous motor with integrated servo drive
Nominal voltage0…848 V DC
Standstill torque2.40 Nm
Rated torque2.30 Nm
Peak torque12.0 Nm
Rated speed3000 min-1
Rated power0.70 kW
Rotor moment of inertia1.09 kgcm², with brake: 1,73 kgcm²
Motor feedbacksingle-turn absolute encoder
System busEtherCAT
Drive profileCiA402 according to IEC 61800-7-201 (CoE)
Connection technologyECP B23 plug
Realisation STOby local TwinSAFE Logic or by FSoE
Safe stop functionsSafe Torque Off (STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1)
Safety standardEN ISO 13849-1:2015 (Cat 4, PL e), EN 61508:2010 (SIL 3) and EN 62061:2005 + A1:2013/A2:2015 (SIL CL3)
Ambient temperature (operation)+5…+40 °C
Approvals/markingsCE, cULus, EAC


Housing Data

Housing dataAMP80xx
Protection classIP 54, IP 65 (shaft seal)
Design formflange-mounted according to IM B5, IM V1, IM V3
Coating/surfacedark gray powder coating, similar to RAL7016



[caption id="attachment_20715" align="aligncenter" width="1037"]Servo Drive BECKHOFF Drawing Servo Drive BECKHOFF Drawing[/caption]
a80 j6
b19 k6
d40 mm
l100 mm
r87 mm
k (without brake)225.5 mm
k (with brake)257.5 mm


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