TSV Takuwa Vibration Sensor for Debris Flow Detection

This device with an acceleration sensor is to detect the vibration caused by debris flow and volcanic mudflow. It is designed to provide the alert when the vibration detected by the acceleration sensor is greater than a certain definite value (arbitrarily-settable alert level) and continued during a certain definite time (arbitrarily-settable continuous detection time)

TSV Takuwa Vibration Sensor for Debris Flow Detection

In addition, alarm output can be set up in 5 (five) steps and it allows an estimate of the scale of debris flow in real-time at great distances by transmitting individual alarm output.

A vibration sensor is for detecting a debris flow indirectly and repeatedly by measuring a ground vibration. Usually, the sensor is buried in the ground near the torrent. Detected signals can be output to the warning siren device for evacuation information. In addition, it is possible to estimate the discharge of debris flow by amplitude of vibration.


  1. Vibration Sensor

- Model: TSV-04H

- Function:

  • Acceleration sensor (Sensor type: Capacitance type Detection method: Horizontal uniaxial)
  • Measuring range: 0.05~2m/s² (5~200gal)
  • Frequency band 0~100Hz

- Power supply: DC12V (supply from converter)

- Enviromental condition: -20ºC-+50ºC (non-freezing)

- Structure: Waterproof • Edust-proof construction (IP65)

- Dimension: 149W X 85H X 106Dmm (not including projection)

- Weight: 2.0kg or less

     2. Converter

- Model: TSV-01C

- Function:

  • Frequency characteristic: Low-pass fiber (Choose from 10 or 50 or 100Hz) DC component cut fiber (1Hz)
  • Measuring range: 0.05-2m/s² (5-200gal)
  • Alarm setting (Level): Acceleration level (5 steps)
  • Alarm setting (Duration time): 1-10 sec
  • Condition of alarm output: Alarm setting (Level) and Alarm setting (Duration time)
  • Contact output: Alam contact: 5 points X 2CH
  • Parity of alarm contact (OR): 1 points X 2CH
  • Abnormal voltage: 1 point X 2CH
  • Start pulse: 1 point X 2ch
  • Contact output form: Non-voltage A contact (Photo MOS relay output): Max. 200V (AC/DC) 200mA
  • Analog output: ±5V   1CH
  • Event log recording: Max 500 recording (LCD)

- Power supply: DC12V (10.5-16.5V)

- Environmental condition:

  • Ambient temperature: -10ºC -+50ºC (not including LCD)
  • Ambient humidity: 30%-90% (non condensing)

- Structure: Outdoor, wall-mounted type (Protection code IP65)

- Dimension:

  • 200W X 300H X165Dmm
  • not including the projection portion as a mounting bracket, etc.

- Weight: 3.0kg or less

Download Data Sheet: Vibration Sensor for Debris Flow Detection TSV TYPE

Ref: Takuwa.co.jp

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