AW Lake FH20XX Flonet Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FH20xx electromagnetic flow meter is intended for flow-rate measurements of conductive liquids, such as water, wastewater, slurries, and other conductive liquids.

Flonet Electromagnetic Flow Meter (FH20XX) AW Lake

The electromagnetic flow meter FLONET FH20xx is intended for flow-rate measurements of conductive liquids in water and heat supply systems, chemical, food processing and other industries. They meet the most stringent requirements on measurement accuracy, long-term stability and hygienic standards. Flow-rate measurements in both directions of flow are possible.

The meter sensor has no movable mechanical parts and its inclusion in the piping system will have no effect on the hydraulic or pressure flow conditions. The converter unit provides for sensor energizing and processing in the sensor energizing and processing of the sensor signals. The meter has pulse and current outputs, as well as an interface to the HART communication protocol.


  • The FLONET FH20xx electromagnetic flow meter has been designed to measure the volume flow rates of electrically conductive liquids in closed piping systems. Measurements can be done in both flow directions, with high measurement accuracy over a wide range of flow rates (0.1 to 10 m/s / 0.33 to 33 ft/s). The minimum required conductivity of the measured medium is 5 µS/cm.
  • The microprocessor-controlled FLONET FH20xx transmitter processes measurement data and displays and
    transmits various types of measurement results. The FLONET FH20xx is communication enabled and supports
    optional the HART® protocol. Although basic configuration settings such as transmitter calibration are realized
    at the factory, other settings such as those for measurement data processing, analysis, display and output are
    user definable.
  • User settings are protected by a user-definable password.
  • Settings that are essential for the proper operation of the transmitter in conjunction with the sensor (e.g. calibration
    and initialization values) are accessible only to service technicians via a password that is not provided to


  • Nominal Diameter / Size: 1/4″ to 48″
  • Nominal Pressure [BAR / PSI]: 150, 300, 600 lb ANSI rated flanges (size dependent)
  • Minimum Conductivity Of Measured Liquid: Down to 5μS/cm
  • Electrode Material: stainless steel 1.4571, Hastelloy-C276 , titanium, tantalum
  • Ambient Temperature: -4° to 140°F
  • Sensor Lining: soft or hard rubber, Teflon
  • Design Version: integral or remote transmitter
  • Piping Connection: flanged or wafer
  • Maximum Temperature Of Measured Liquid: up to 302°F

Measurement Accuracy:

  • EN ISO 4064-1 (OIML R 49)*: 2

Measuring Range (Velocity): 0.33 to 33 ft/s


  • current: 4 to 20mA, insulated
  • pulse with frequency: 0 to 1,000Hz, insulated

Power Supply: 115/230V AC, 50 to 60Hz, 24V DC

Protection Class: IP 67

Download Data Sheet: FH20xx Flonet Electromagnetic Flow Meters


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