Electri-Flex Flexible Electrical Conduits

Electri-Flex has 65 years of successful manufacturing of the highest quality flexible liquid-tight conduit in the Industry. Founded in 1955, Electri-flex has perfected the design and manufacture of its line of nearly 50 flexible electrical conduits. A true innovator in the liquid-tight conduit industry. Making the best product doesn’t create success without sales, service, and marketing programs that meet the needs of our customers. Our partners can expect outstanding service from fast shipments on in-stock items, as well as developing a conduit for unique applications. Our team of salesmen, customer service agents, and application engineers can assist at every stage of the buying process.

The Company was founded by Harold Kinander, Sr., and continues its success by being owned and operated by the third generation of the Kinander family. Within the Electri-Flex organization is a tightly knit extended family of employees working together to carry out the Company’s mission. The cultural focus is on quality products and services, together with a strong sense of loyalty to the Company and its partners. There are Specialty Flexible Electrical Conduits: 

  • Zero-Halogen: Low Fire Hazard solution for applications that require limiting toxic materials of combustion. Low Flame Spread, Low Smoke, Self-Extinguishing
  • EMI/RFI Shielding / Shield-Flex®: Shield sensitive electronic circuits from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI).
  • Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel: Offer exceptional resistance to corrosive atmospheres, as well as high mechanical strength.
  • Food Grade Flexible Conduit: Certified Component for NSF/ANSI 169 special purpose food equipment, NEW Antimicrobial.
  • High/Low Temp Flexible Conduit: Designed to withstand and remain flexible at low temperatures and resists aging at elevated temperatures.

Electri-Flex Company partners with the leaders in their markets and most of them have been a part of the Electri-Flex family for many years. The Company markets its full array of products through a network of professional manufacturers’ representatives who sell only to authorized electrical wholesalers. The qualities of these partners that have made Electric-Flex an industry leader are:

  • Representatives – located across the United States and offer extensive knowledge of our products and customers.
  • Distributors – located Worldwide and are hand selected based on demonstrated high standards of commitment and performance

The Liquatite® line includes nearly 50 varieties of flexible electrical conduits for contractors, OEMs, industrial maintenance and repair (MRO), government, utility, and export users. Most flexible conduits are available and in stock. Product families include Jacketed Metallic Conduit, Unjacketed Metallic Conduit, Nonmetallic Conduit, EMI/RFI Shielded Conduit, and Nylon-Corrlok Conduit.

Jacketed Metallic

Liquidtight jacketed metallic flexible conduits offer a sealed raceway with the strength of a metal core. Conduits range from UL-listed and CSA certified to specialized ones designed for extreme temperatures, zero-halogen, low smoke, EMI/RFI shielding, corrosion-resistance, and food-grade applications.

Unjacketed Metallic

Unjacketed Metallic Conduit, often referred to as “Greenfield” or “Reduced Wall Flex”, are free of nonmetallic materials and offer the highest physical protection to electrical wiring. Products offer a flexible raceway with tight bends, high impact and crush strength, and UL and CSA certifications.


Nonmetallic flexible conduits are made without a metal core and are ideal for corrosive environments and high-flexing applications where weight might be an issue. The materials used are flexible and rigid PVC. Products offer sunlight resistance, extreme temperatures, and UL and CSA certifications.

EMI/RFI Shielded

Shield-Flex® flexible conduit offers three levels of shielding effectiveness and is used to protect sensitive electronic circuits used in communications, radar, and data transmission from Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI). It is also available with a halogen-free jacketing

Nylon – Corrlok®

The Corrlok® System is comprised of three types of flexible corrugated nylon conduits and is designed for a wide range of applications. Corrlok provides a very lightweight, liquid-tight, flexible raceway that’s easy to work with and stands up to tough environments. Accessories are also available

Stainless Steel

A jacketed metallic flexible conduit is also available with a stainless steel core. The core is made of a spiral-wound strip of stainless steel and provides high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Both jacketed and unjacketed stainless steel options are available.  

Ref: electriflex.com

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