Electric Motors and Specialties Bearing Fan Motors

Electric Motors and Specialties has set the pace as a leader in manufacturing high quality Unit Bearing Fan Motors for a variety of commercial and residential refrigeration applications. 

About Electric Motors and Specialties Bearing Fan Motors

EM&S was founded in 1946 by Wayne Morrill, who had designed the first unit bearing construction fan motors during his 20-year tenure at General Electric. The design was in response to the need for a fan motor that would last the life of hermetic compressors. Recognizing that our customers are our most valuable asset, we at EM&S are committed to providing the most efficient unit bearing fan motors along with the best service and delivery in the industry.


Electric Motors and Specialties’ products and customers are supported by a full-service engineering department. EM&S Engineering offers a wide variety of technical services supporting the manufacturing facility, offering innovations in motor designs, and conducting performance and life testing of current and future products Utilize EM&S expertise in designing your total air moving package. Other Engineering services available to customers include Agency approval information, technical support, trouble shooting, fan and CFM comparative testing and motor performance testing I.E. EC motor efficiency compared to shaded pole motor efficiency. There are several products which we have:

2-16 Watt Shaded Pole

The SPFB fan motors are dimensionally the smallest in the Electric Motors and Specialties cast iron unit bearing motor line. These 4-pole, shaded pole motors are available in rated outputs of 2, 5, 6, 9, 14, and 16 watts. They are designed to be used with 6″ to 10″diameter fan blades.

The cast-iron unit bearing motor has a long, successful history. It was initially created as a condenser fan motor when the first free standing household refrigerators came into general use. It proved to be the only motor that would match the life of the compressor in these applications. Through the years it has stood the test of time, and is still the motor design of choice for condenser applications, and other uses where dependability and quiet operation are required. Unit bearing motors in these sizes have been the standard in commercial refrigeration applications such as display cases, vending equipment, refrigerated food cases, freezers and coolers. 

16-35 Watt Shaded Pole

The ESP-L style shaded pole fan motor line is a unique design that combines superior horsepower with cool operating temperatures in a small frame. Electric Motors and Specialties strictly attends to quality, assuring high efficiency, exceptional motor life, and quiet operation.

ESP-L Cast-iron Unit Bearing fan motors (ESP shaded pole design) are available in five power outputs, rated at 16, 25, and 35 watts. All motors are totally enclosed, UL and CSA recognized components and have the material and construction to qualify the motors for foreign agency approvals.

50-75 Watt Shaded Pole

The ESP-OL style fan motors represent the highest power outputs available in the efficient eccentric wound shaded pole design. The ESP design exhibits a higher electrical efficiency than the typical shaded pole motor. 

The 4-pole unit bearing motors are available in three outputs – The ESP-OL50 rated at 50 watts (1/15 HP), the ESP-OL60 rated at 50 or 60 watts (1/12 HP), and the ESP-OL75 rated at 75 watts (1/10 HP). Standard performance tests reveal all models attain an electrical efficiency of 39% when tested at 1600 rpm.

15-25 Watt Shaded Pole Agitator Motor

Every EM&S agitator motor incorporates the classic unit bearing lubrication system invented by the founder of the company. It is needed to successfully meet the challenge of the side-loading this application impresses upon the bearing surfaces. The side-loading is the result of a propeller on the end of a long shaft rotating at approximately 1600 rpm under several inches of water.
A large oil supply circulated through the durable cast-iron bearing as the shaft rotates assures long bearing life.

Agitator motors are available with power output ratings from 15 to 25 watts. All shafts are stainless steel, and the housings have a durable e-coat finish for good moisture protection. The internally located lubrication system offers better protection from water intrusion than the typical system that has its bearings located at the housing ends.

9-16 Watt PSC Motors

The EM&S 4-pole permanent split capacitor unit bearing fan motors offer up to 47% efficiency, a nominal 50% increase in efficiency over shaded pole motors of similar physical dimensions and power output. When looking for some energy savings, these are a less expensive alternative to the ECM motors. The S4B motors are available in outputs of 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, and 16 watts output, 115 volts.

Energy savings in electrical motors offer the advantage of lower operating temperatures. Heat is the great threat to extended motor life, as it promotes the viscosity breakdown of the lubricants, and reduces the effective life of the electrical insulation system. So not only are these motors less costly to operate, but they are resistant to thermal breakdown, thus extending their service life.

5-50 Watt EC Motors

Experience the ultimate in energy saving technology with the Unitronix line of electronically commutated, unit bearing motors from Electric Motors and Specialties. This line of high efficiency motors incorporates EM&S patented, permanent magnet, electronically commutated motor technology offering the ultimate in reducing energy costs. These motors are dimensionally interchangeable with comparable output shaded-pole and PSC unit bearing motors, but require a fraction of the electricity to operate. The Unitronix, ECM technology, fan motors are replacing evaporator motors in commercial refrigeration where the benefit is multiplied even further by reducing the BTUs in the refrigeration system. Less heat introduced into the system from motor watts lost to heat allow the system to operate even more efficiently. Besides lower operating costs, another advantage to these cooler running motors is that they allow the end user to meet increasingly stringent energy regulations. Unitronix motors are available in set-speed and multi-speed options.


EM&S also produces complete fan-motor-bracket assemblies. This option improves production and increases efficiency in the OEM manufacturing process. These assemblies offer a plug and play route that minimizes installation time and improves throughput.

Fans and Brackets

“A-Profile” mounting brackets from Electric Motors and Specialties are designed to properly position and permanently secure motors turning propeller fans up to 14″ in diameter.

Venturi brackets are also available in two sizes to compliment standard shaded-pole motor as well as EC and PCS fan combinations. Our brackets are steel brackets with a durable E-coat finish that utilize the rear mounting holes. Each bracket has a “bell mouth” orifice designed to optimize CFM and motor efficiency. Fans: Electric Motors and Specialties offers a full line of single piece fan blades to be used with the unit bearing fan motors. The offerings include aluminum, four and five petal designs in diameters of 6″ to 14″. 

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