Kofloc Mass Flow Controller/Meter 5400 Series

Kofloc Low-Cost Metal Sealed Mass Flow Controller

Kofloc Low-Cost Metal Sealed Mass Flow Meter

The Kofloc Model 5400 Series is a successor to the Model 3440, with enhanced basic capabilities. The appearance is similar to the conventional MFC. The sensor drive system is improved : the zero-drift is further reduced and the response in the lower range is improved . The Model 5410 Series is a mass flow meter with the same body design as that of the 5400 series.

Features of Kofloc Mass Flow Controller/Meter 5400 Series:

• Control and response in each setting range are improved.
• The following capability to the set voltage is improved (supporting ramping specifications).
• As the valve is improved, the control resolution in each range is improved.

Standard Spesifications :

Model 5400 5410
Flow range (N2 equivalent,20℃/1 atm) 10 SCCM–20 SLM (freely selectable)
Sensor Thermal mass flow sensor
Valve type Proportional solenoid valve (closed when not energized) -
Control range 2–100% (F.S) -
Response 1 sec. or less (0–100% within ±2% typical) -
Accuracy ±1% F.S. (20℃)
Repeatability Within ±0.2% F.S. (20℃)
Operating differential pressure F.S. ≤ 5 SLM: 50–300 kPa -
F.S. > 5 SLM: 100–300 kPa -
Allowable operating pressure 300 kPa (G) or less
Proof pressure 980 kPa (G)
Leak rate 1 × 10-11 Pa•m3/s or less
Allowable ambient temperature 0–50℃ (Accuracy guaranteed at 15–35℃, ±0.1% F.S./℃)
Allowable ambient humidity 10–90% (No condensation allowed)
Materials of parts in contact with gases Body: SUS316L
Diaphragm: Ni-Co
Valve seat: PTFE
Sealing: SUS316L, Ni
Electric connection Dsub 9-pin connector as per KFC Standard (Compliant with SEMI Standard)
Flow rate input signals 0–5 VDC (Input impedance: 1 MΩ or more) -
Flow rate output signals 0–5 VDC (Minimum load resistance: 250 kΩ or more)
Required power supply +15 VDC (±5%) 100 mA
-15 VDC (±5%) 200 mA
+15 VDC (±5%) 100 mA
-15 VDC (±5%) 100 mA
Joint (Main unit bore) Standard: 1/4 VCR equivalent Option: 1/4 SWL
Weight Approx. 1000 g Approx. 800 g