Diaphragm Manometer PC 100/160 Hengesbach

Hengesbach is a company from Deutschland. For more than 50 years Hengesbach develops, manufactures and distributes innovative measuring technology for applications in production processes where functionality, reliability and accuracy of the instruments are of highest priority even under extreme process conditions.

Diaphragm Manometer PC 100/160

Diaphragm manometers with horizontal measuring flanges for chemical applications are suitable for measuring thin liquids (threaded connection G ½ B) and especially contaminated and highly viscous media (e.g. open connection flange) in over- and under pressure ranges from -1 to 0 bar and 0/0.6 - 25 bar. The devices are made from solid stainless steel and are suitable for challenging environments and media. They are highly shock-resistant and have a high level of over pressure protection. When the device is used in a shock-prone environment, the glycerine filling acts as a shock absorber for all components. Electrical contacts have been provided for the alarm and switch functions.


  • NG 100 and 160 mm with horizontal measuring flange
  • without or with glycerine filling
  • installation of electrical contact devices
  • various pressure connections and materials


Nominal size100 and 160 mm 
Housingbayonet housing for chemical applications made from material number 1.4301, 100 and
 160 mm, ventilated 
Ringbayonet ring made from material number 1.4301
Measuring flangeØ 160 mm for display ranges ≤ 250 mbar
 Ø 100 mm for display ranges ≥ 400 mbar
Indicatorsniro, wear-and-tear- and corrosion-resistant
Dialwhite aluminium with black label
Indicatorsblack aluminium 
Front panelaminated safety glass 
Indication ranges according to EN 837-30 - 10 mbar to 0 - 40 bar
 with PTFE film from 0 - 40 mbar, corresponding vacuum areas
Quality class EN 837-1± 1.6% according to EN 837-3 (for a Class 2.5 protective film)
Over pressure safeguard1.3 times, or 5 times from 0.5 bar onwards up to a maximum of 40 bar
 (restrictions for versions with contacts)
Environmental temperature- 10° C to + 50°C, permissible medium temperature 100°C
Medium temperature+ 60°C (soft solder), + 100°C (hard solder on request)
Capacity according to EN 837-1for static load:maximum scale value
 for alternating load:0.9 times to 5 times the maximum scale value, maximum 40 bar
Pressure connectionbottom, G ½ B (standard)
 ½" NPT or M 20 x 1.5 
 - for PTFE lining with an enlarged channel opening
 - optionally with open flange
 - for food or sterile connections
 - other flange versions 
Protection type EN 60529IP 65 = filled devices, G-addition
 IP 54 = unfilled devices
Measuring system attenuatorglycerine filling (for vibration, avoids formation of condensation water)
Additional devicesglycerine filling, adjustable indicator, drag indicator, limit contacts,
 safety version, high level of accuracy

Download Data Sheet: Diaphragm Manometer PC 100_160

Ref: Hengesbach.com