Weldable Resistance Thermometer Type TP13 Hengesbach

The Weldable Resistance Thermometers Type TP13 and TP15 are high-performance, robust and all-purpose devices
for demanding applications within the temperature measuring. The PT100 sensor is designed standardly in accuracy class A acc. to EN 60751. The measurement inserts consist of single- or double PT100 which are changeable. The use of measurement inserts has to be adjusted to the needs for temperature, length, flexibility, vibration-proofness and measuring accuracy. For control processes tapered sensor tips with extra short half-life-times are deliverable. Safety and profitability aspects advise constructions with protective tubes in case of a possibly necessary change of the probes, so that replacements can be carried out quickly and comfortably, without decommissioning the plant or draining the tanks.

Furthermore protective tubes guarantee the resistiveness against mechanical stress and chemical attacks, also to be designed for a quick response time. For sensitive measuring points, like e.g. stipulated in the food and pharmaceutical industry, suitable hygienic designs and versions are available. Cleaning with all in these industries common media (CIP etc.) is possible. The construction in protection class IP67 guarantees reliability for closeness and long durability even under extreme operating conditions. For measurement transmission purposes programmable transmitter 4...20 mA, in versions HART or Profibus PA, can be installed. Notably the QUICK TEMP-product family is recommendable for calibration obligatory measurement points.


  • „FR“-housing in IP67
  • with single- or double - PT100
  • CIP-proofed installation
  • optional delivery with head transmitter
  • short response times with tapered sensor tips
    • with spherical welded protection sleeve
    • plain probe with spherical welded socket designs:
  • optional in „quick temp“- versions for qa-obligatory measuring points


Housingfield housing 
Temperature sensorPT 100 acc. EN 60751, changeable measurement insert (Standard),
 insert tube 1.4571 
Measurement insert, electrical1 x PT 100 in 2-, 3- or 4- wire connection, standard: 1 x 3- wire connection,
 2 x PT 100 in 2- or 3-wire connection 
Electrical connection- M16 x 1,5 – cable gland, MS nickel-plated, 
 - optional: M12 x 1 circular connector, 4-pins 
Accuracy- standard: tolerance class A acc. to EN 60751, 
 - optional:tolerance class B 1/10, 1/5, 1/3, 1/2 DIN 
Response timeT50 (measured in water): 6 sec. (dependent on design, d = 6 mm)
 < 4 sec. with tapered sensor tip on request 
Measured medium temperatureTmax at sensor =  -20... +200°C 
Housing materialstainless steel 1.4301 (CrNiSt, standard-field housing) 
Sensor materialstainless steel 1.4571, optional 316L = 1.4435 or 1.4404,
 optional: enhanced surface quality 
Sensor diameterstandard:continuously plain, d = 6 mm, 
 optional:tapered sensor tip, d = 4 mm(measurement insert replaceable)
  tapered sensor tip, d = 3 mm or 2 mm(measurement insert not replaceable)
Sensor length- TP13: 50 mm, 100 mm, 
 - TP15: 100 mm (standard), 
 - variant lengths on request 
Protection classEN 60529,IP 67 with cable gland, optional with cable connection
Pressure admissiblePN = 10 bar, dependent on design and temperature 
CE-conformityEMC-rules are fulfilled, CE-sign 



Process Connection

      - TP13/TW29:  with spherical weldable protection sleeve DN25, D = 6mm or 9mm
      - TP15/TW29: - with plain probe and adjustable, spherical, clamp screw joint DN25
       - with adjustable clamp ring screw joint G ¼ B, G ½ B
       - with clamp ring, stainless steel, optional in PTFE, other on request


 Assembly components -- zeh / TP139 für TP13 / TW29...T147:
       spherical weldable protection sleeve, d = 9 mm, internal thread G ¼ for fitting lengths 25...100 mm
      -- zeh / TP136 für TP13 / TW29...T047:
       spherical weldable protection sleeve, d = 6 mm, internal thread G ¼ for fitting lengths 25...100 mm
      -- zem / TP15 für TP15 / TW29...T045:
       spherical clamp screw joint DN25,
       - with metallic clamp ring, adjustable, CrNiSt, G ¼
       - with PEEK-clamp ring, adjustable, CrNiSt, M12 x 1,5
      -- clamp screw joints for TP15 / TW29...T045:
       - G ¼ or G ½ , with metallic clamp ring, adjustable, CrNiSt


 Electrical connection--ceramic connection socket
     --flexible connecting wires
     --sheathed cable (shakeproof type)
     --transmitter TE 42, programmable, 4...20 mA, 2- wire connection (standard)
     --transmitter TE 41, programmable, galvanically isolated
     --transmitter TE 52, HART
     --transmitter TE 82, Profibus PA
 Calibration factory calibrated, calibration certificate (3-point or 5-point), with DKD-standard
 Certificates material certificate, acc. to EN 10204

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