Pulsar's dB Transducer Accessories

Various transducer mount options can be provided to suit specific applications, such as blind flanges and a choice of transducer mounting brackets.

Cable Options

Transducer cable lengths are supplied as a standard in 5m, 10m, 20m or 30m. Longer lengths can be supplied as required in 10m steps. It is important to note that the supplied transducer cable may be extended by using standard 2 or 3 core screened cable for up to 1000m or beyond if needed. No separation is required between transducer and other cables as they are not susceptible to cross talk and significant costs can be saved on site

Aiming Kit

Pulsar’s robust and effective aiming kit allows the transducer to be aimed towards the material draw off point at the bottom of the silo or tank, ensuring that the returning echo is as strong as possible and that the ultrasonic system is able to measure right down to the true empty point of the silo.

The location of the aiming kit should be as far away from the fill point as possible to avoid seeing falling material. It should be aimed to coincide with the material’s angle of repose, ensuring a more powerful signal return to the transducer. The rotational ball mechanism allows up to 20 degrees off vertical and 360 degrees of rotation.


Blind Flanges

A range of blind PVC flanges with central 1" BSP or NPT hole is available. These are for mounting transducers within a standpipe or tank using rear thread or dB3 front thread mounting. These available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” ANSI or DIN 80, DIN 100, DIN 150 and DIN 200 patterns.


Selection of DIN or ANSI patterns
Excellent corrosion resistance
Choice of 1", 1.5" and 2" Universal centre thread

Brackets (Angled Bracket)

Pulsar Fixed Angle Transducer Bracket
Fixed angle bracket made from steel with a BZP (bright zinc passivate) coat. Ideal for mounting against a wall where there is an under-hang under a manhole or similar. 2 x 14mm holes allow rigid fixing into a vertical surface using suitable bolts.

65mm (2.56in) reach p/n dBA0004
Bracket size is 100L x 100W x 150Hmm (3.9L x 3.9W x 5.9Hin).

150mm (5.9in) reach p/n dBA0005
Bracket size is 175L x 100W x 150Hmm (6.9L x 3.9W x 5.9Hin).

Brackets (Pulsar Hinged Transducer Bracket p/n dBA0003)

Pulsar’s hinged transducer bracket is an easy-mounting solution for any of the dB series transducers, providing a stable method of positioning a transducer above an application. The bracket is made from hot dipped galvanised steel and is hinged to allow the transducer to be swivelled up for cleaning or to allow access. The transducer can then be returned to the original position with no need to recalibrate.


  • Rugged construction
  • Galvanised or BZP coated
  • Hinge allows easy lift cleaning
  • Drain holes in channel prevent liquid build up
  • Simple to fit on site

Download Datasheet: Pulsar's dB Transducer Accessories

Reference : pulsar-pm.com