Quality Gauge & Valve Quality Series Q10 Large Chamber Liquid Level Gauges

These gauges are specifically designed to give an accurate liquid level reading for liquids that have a tendency to surge or boil. The Quality Q10 Large Chamber Liquid Level Gauge is highly effective in:

  • Reducing the boiling effects of entrained gas being released under lowered pressure.
  • Helping to reduce liquids being vaporized under critical low pressure
  • Reducing boiling caused by temperatures exceeding the boiling point of the liquid.

Quality Series Q10 Gauges are available in both reflex and transparent applications. These gauges are designed with heavy wall steel tubing as a chamber, complete with sectional covers and gauges glasses. The final assembly of these gauges are specially processed, heat treated and tempered. Standard connections for these gauges are ¾” NPT female end connections. Additionally, ½” or 3/4” NPT side connections are available. Also 2" flanged or scarfed for welding connections which provide unrestricted flow through the chamber may be specified.Features and Specifications

  • Lengths : Series Q10 gauges are available in nine standard visible glass lengths. Multiples ofthe same size windows (up to nine sections) in a single piece bar stock liquid chamber are used for longer lengths.
  • Connections : Standard Series Q10 Gauges are tïlrnished with or 3% inch NPT female end connections. Other connections available: ‘A or 1% inch NPT female or male, side or back, lianged ends, side or back to suit mating connections.
  • Liquid Chambers ; Machined from bar stock with recessed gasket seats.
  • Covers : All covers are manufactured to be interchangeable.
  • Bolt & Nuts : AIIO51r steel to ASTM Standards.
  • Glass : The tempered glass must be protected from corrosive substances such as caustic acid and hydroiiuoric acid. Onlyr transparent glass With mica or Kel-fshields must be used in these applications.
  • Gaskets : Precision die cut from the highest quality materials.
  • Protection : All carbon steel parts are coated both externally and internally with a high quality rust inhibitor. This coating serves as a superior bonding base for paint. It is recommended that all Q10 Gauges be installed with Quality Gauge Valves, having safetyÍ ball checks, which help provide protection against physical injuryr and loss of product should glass breakage occur.

Reference : qualitygauge.com