KEPmeter PROtrol (PRA)


PROtrol Draw, Ratio & Net Rate Meter

Featuring 6 digits of bright, 7-segment LED displays, the Protrol is a rate, ratio, draw, and net rate meter which is field programmable. The two inputs (A & B) each have separate scaling factors. The unit can be programmed to display: two separate rate meters (A & B), the net rate difference of A & B, the ratio of A to B (A ÷ B), or the draw [(A – B) ÷ B]. Two assignable set points are standard with a programmable hysteresis (alarm range).


  • 2 Separate Dividing Scale Factors for Inputs A & B
  • 2 Set Points Each With a Hysteresis Alarm Range
  • Displays Three Separate Values; A (A Rate), B (B Rate) & C (A-B), (A÷B) or [(A-B)÷B]
  • Digital Input Up To 10kHz
  • NEMA 4X / IP65 Front
  • 2 Stage Panel Lockout
  • RS232 or RS422 Communications