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Pulsar's Ultrasonic dB Transducer Series

Pulsar's dB ultrasonic transducers offer reliable level, volume, open channel flow, pump control and differential measurement within liquid and solids applications. dB ultrasonic sensors utilise a low power transducer design with standard interconnecting cables - yet produce extremely high acoustic power to give exceptional results in a wide variety of challenging applications.

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  • ATEX Zones 1 and 2 standard
  • I.S. ATEX Zone 0 options
  • FM/FMC approval
  • Integral temperature compensation
  • Narrow beam angles
  • IP68/NEMA 6P
  • Standard 2 or 3 core screened cable extensions to 1000m
  • Patented DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement) echo processing technique


Transducer Specific

ModelDimensionsDia FaceWeightMeasurement RangeFrequencyBeam Angle
dB378D x 115Hmm (3.07 x 4.52in)19mm (0.75in)1.1kg (2.4lb)0.125 - 3m (0.41-10ft)125kHz<10°
dB686D x 106Hmm (3.39 x 4.17in)30mm (1.18in)1.1kg (2.4lb)0.3 - 6m (0.98-20ft)75kHz<10°
dBS686D x 106Hmm (3.39 x 4.17in)45mm (1.78in)1.1kg (2.4lb)0.2 - 6m (0.66-20ft)50kHz<10°
dB1086D x 106Hmm (3.39 x 4.17in)45mm (1.78in)1.1kg (2.4lb)0.3 - 10m (0.98-33ft)50kHz<10°
dB1586D x 122Hmm (3.39 x 4.8in)60mm (2.36in)1.2kg (2.6lb)0.5 - 15m (1.64-50ft)41kHz<8°
dB25105D x 142Hmm (4.13 x 5.59in)78mm (3.07in)1.4kg (3.1lb)0.6 - 25m (1.97-82ft)30kHz<6°
dB40205D x 223Hmm (8.07 x 8.77in)160mm (6.30in)6kg (13.2lb)1.2 - 40m (3.94-130ft)20kHz<5°
dB50205D x 223Hmm (8.07 x 8.77in)160mm (6.30in)6kg (13.2lb)2 - 50m (6.56-164ft)20kHz<5°

(All Transducer)

Sensor body material:Valox 357 U and syntactic foam face
Cable lengths:Standard = 5m, 10m, 20m or 30m (16.4ft, 32.8ft, 65.6ft or 98.4ft). Optional: up to 150m (492ft) maximum (increments of 10m / 32.8ft only)
Maximum separation:500m (1640ft)
Mounting connection:BSP or 1” NPT


Enclosure protection:IP68 / NEMA 6P
Max. and min. temperature (electronics):Standard: -40°C to +90°C (-40°F to +194°F) Hazardous area versions: -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F)


CE approval:2014/30/EU - EMC & 2014/34/EU ATEX Directives. Standards applied: EN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013/ EN 60079-11:2012 / EN 60079-18:2009 / EN 60079-26:2007 / EN 61326-1:2013
ATEX approval:Standard ATEX EEx m II T6 or optional EEx ia IIC T6. FM/FMC approval. (dB50 not approved)


Accuracy:0.25% or 6mm (0.24in) whichever is greater
Resolution:0.01% or 2mm (0.08in) whichever is greater

Download Datasheet: Pulsar's Ultrasonic dB Transducer Series

Reference : pulsar-pm.com

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