VTG/VIG Kem Kuppers Local Displays Unit

The VTG/VIG are high precision 4 - 20 mA pickups with a display and a frequency output.

Compact on-site display with external carrier frequency or inductive sensor for the evaluation of volume flows.

All measurement results and parameters relevant for the process can be shown directly on the VTG/VIG via the graphic display (that can be illuminated) and changed using the four membrane keys.

3 linearization banks with 20 points each are available to improve the accuracy. They are used to linearize the measurement signal depending on the chosen operating mode (external control, fixed assignment).

In pure 2-conductor operation (4 - 20 mA) the instantaneous value (flow) is dimensionally output on the current loop according to the programming.

A programmable digital output and a maximum of two control inputs (see technical data) are available in addition for further processing and control.

The VTG/VIG has an interface that allows operating parameters to be set and measured values to be read with the help of the CON.USB interface adapter and the “KEM EasyControl” visualization software. Optionally this interface can also be carried out as HART or USB.

The electrical connection is realized via a screw terminal strip that is exposed when the front cover is unscrewed and the display unit is flipped open.

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Applications (depending on version)

  • Ex-Approval
  • Stainless steel or aluminum housing
  • 3 x 20 points linearisation
  • Graphic display
  • Fast setup
  • Integrated interface
  • Programming and visualisation via KEM "Easy Control“ possible
  • Setting of operation type
  • Normalized frequency output
  • Control inputs
  • 2 Status-LEDs


Technical Data

  • Carrier frequency or inductive pickup
  • Analog Output: 4 to 20 mA passive (2 wire)
  • Frequency output, freely scalable, Push Pull or NAMUR
  • 20 point linearization of the measured value, 3 banks
  • Control input
  • KEM interface (standard) or USB or HART
  • Ex Protection: ATEX Ex II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb

Download Datasheet: VTG/VIG Kem Kuppers Local Displays Unit

Refrerence : kem-kueppers.com