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SITRANS FUS060 Siemens Ultrasonic Flow Meter


The SITRANS Ultrasonic Flow Meter FUS060 transmitter is engineered for high-performance applications and designed for remote installation in hazardous as well as non-hazardous environments. In addition to the standard outputs, it also offers communication.

SITRANS FUS060 Siemens Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The SITRANS Ultrasonic Flow Meter F US SONO 3100/SITRANS FUS060 flowmeter consists of a sensor and transmitter. For details and information about the transmitter


The main application for SITRANS Ultrasonic Flow Meter SONO 3100 in combination with transmitter type FUS060 is to measure volume flow within:
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power engineering
  • Water and wastewater
  • Oil and liquefied gases


 Measuring rangeQn 28 to 4200 m3/h (depends on size)
 Nominal sizeFrom DN 100 to DN 600 (4" to 24")
 Accuracy±0.5% of the flow rate
 Operational pressureMax. 40 bar (Max. 580 psi)
 Operating temperatureFrom -20 to 85 °C (-4 to 185 °F)
 Medium temperatureFrom -20 to 200 °C (-4 to 392 °F)
 Design2 track (on request up to 4 tracks)
 MaterialCarbon steel (Stainless steel on request)

Other variants are available on request.


  • Transducers can be replaced under pressure
  • Measurement of all liquids less than 350 Cst, conductive or non-conductive
  • No pressure drop
  • Reliable and accurate flow measurements
  • Long-time stability
  • On request as special versions:
    • Special sensor material, e.g. Duplex, stainless steel
    • High/low temperature sensor version: +250 °C (+482 °F)/-200 °C (-328 °F) sensors
    • Pressure rating 430 bar (6235 psi)
    • Special sensor sizes down to DN 25
    • 1-path or 4-path sensor technology



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