Tokyo Keiki Microwave level gauge MRG-10

Microwave level gauge MRG-10

The radar pulse is virtually unaffected by the contents and atmosphere of the tank, temperature,
or pressure. Thus radar measurement is proven to be the most reliable gauging method in most applications. Furthermore, maintenance requirements are practically zero because no part of the gauge is in physical contact with the liquid.

These features make the MRG-10 very well-suited for storage and buffer tanks in the chemical and water industry.

The MRG-10 is most appropriate for calm liquid surfaces. If you intend to use the MRG-10 to measure turbulent surface liquids, it may be recommended to employ a still pipe used in order to achieve a calm surface.

The MRG-10 is appropriate for storage tanks or buffer tanks that have relatively calm surfaces.

  • Chemical and petroleum
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage

Other applications include :

  • Industrial water such as river intake gates
  • Water supply
  • Sewage water treatment plant
  • Hydraulic power station

Specifications :

1. General

Measuring principle :

Time Flight Impulse Radar technology

Operating frequency :

6 GHz

Half power beam angle :

Rod antenna: 30deg.,   Cone antenna 4": 34deg., 6": 22deg.,  8": 17deg.

Microwave output power :

Max 1 μ W

Reference conditions :

Free space reflection from the metal surface, ambient temperature 25, atmospheric pressure

2. Display / Configuration

Local display :

5-digit LCD display with 4 configuration buttons.
Level, Ullage, Volume, Current or Amplitude output

HART hand-held communicator :

Rosemount communicator RS275 just displays not for configuration

PC Remote configuration :

Windows base setup and configuration software

3 Electrical

Power supply :

Loop-powered 16-36 VDC (16-30VDC in Ex applications)

Output :

Analog DC4-20mA +HART

Output variable :

Level, Ullage in m or ft. Volume in %, Amplitude in dB.

The signal on the alarm :

Hold, Low (3.9mA), High (22mA)

Cable entry :

2-M20x1.5(Applicable Cable diameter : 6.5-9.0mm)

4. Mechanical

Antenna :

Rod antenna, Cone antenna 4", 6", 8"

Antenna material exposed to tank :

Rod antenna: PFA and SUS(316L,ext.version)
Cone antenna: 4", 6", 8" SUS(316L), PTFE, Viton

Antenna dimension :

See pages 5 and 6

Housing / Enclosure :

Casting Aluminum

Flange :

On request or customer supply

Mass :

3.3--4.3Kg, depending on antenna size

Height above flange :

230 mm

5. Environment Condition

Max. pressure :

10 bar. (145 psi)

Ambient temperature :

 -20  to 70  (-4°F to 158°F), LCD Display -20  to 70 

Storage temperature :

 -40  to 80  (-40°F to 176°F)

The tank inside temperature :

 -20  to 150  (-4°F to 302°F)

Ingress protection :


Vibration resistance :

IEC 68-2-6/1G

Ex. Approval :


6. Measuring Performance

Instrument accuracy :

 +/- 10mm

Repeatability :

 +/- 1mm

Update interval :

1 Second

Measuring range :

Depend on the Antenna type and products nature, see the diagram on page 4