MM Namur Series Sick Magnetic Proximity Sensor

MM NAMUR magnetic proximity sensors provide large operating distances that can reliably detect magnetic objects. Magnetic proximity sensors are resistant to dust, heat, and vibration, making them ideal for use in harsh environments – even highly explosive atmospheres. By using magnetic conductors, these sensors are able to reliably detect objects over greater distances. The NAMUR de-sign for hazardous areas is available in MM12 and MM18 designs.

At a glance

  • Types: M12 to M18
  • Sensing range: up to 120 mm
  • Electrical configuration: NAMUR
  • enclosure rating: IP 6
  • Temperature range: –25 °C to +70 °C
  • Nickel-plated brass housing; plastic sensing face
  • Reliable detection of permanent magnets through non-ferromagnetic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood
  • NAMUR design for usage in explosion-hazardous areas

Your benefits

  • NAMUR version ensures safe function in explosion-hazardous areas
  • Non-contact operation eliminates interference from dirt, dust, and vibrations, increasing sensor life and reducing maintenance costs
  • Large sensing ranges ensure reliable switching, even with target position tolerances
  • Universal use since detection through other objects, such as plastic walls or non-magnetic stainless steel walls, is also possible


Sensing Range≤60 mm≤70 mm≤9mm≤120 mm
Switching outputNAMUR
Housing materialMetal
Cylindrical thread designM12M12 & M18M12M18
Electrical wiringDC 2-wire
Enclosure rating:IP67
Connection type-Cable, 2-wire, 2 m,
-Male connector M12, 4-pin
-Cable, 2-wire, 2 m,
-Male connector M12, 4-pin
-Cable with connector M9, 5-pin, with knurled nuts, 0.8 m
-Cable with connector M9, 5-pin, with knurled nuts, 2 m
-M12, 4-pin
Ex area category2G2G, 1G, 1D

Download Datasheet: MM Namur Series Sick Magnetic Proximity Sensor


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