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Connector Sibas Hoods HA.64.STS-GR.1.29.G

Sibas Connector Hoods HA.64.STS-GR.1.29.G

Product Type Features
• Product Type: Accessory
• Accessory Type: Hood
• Product Size: 11
• Thread Size: PG29
• HTS Housings and Hoods: Yes

Body Features
• Color: Gray
• Entry Style: Side
• Material: Die Cast Aluminum

Mechanical Attachment
• Locking Device Type: Side Clip
• Locking Device Location: Housing Bottom

• Width : 89mm[3.504in]
• Height: 105mm[4.134in]
• Length : 131mm[5.157in]

Packaging Features
• Packaging Quantity: 3
• Packaging Method: Box

Usage Conditions
• Corrosion Protected: No